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of Qingmu Paradise can reduce Wei Xiaobei’s energy consumption of sending people in.

In short, it was not easy for Wei Xiaobei to utilize the Aoki Blessed Land in a short period of time.
Sending people into the Aoki Blessed Land is a relatively expensive matter for Wei Xiaobei, but sending people out and returning them to their original place is much easier.
Wei Xiaobei only needs to mobilize the space rules of Qingmu Paradise to directly kick Zhao Yun and others out. To be more precise, he should exclude them.
The entire Qingmu Paradise is like another body of Wei Xiaobei. As long as Wei Xiaobei is willing, he can repel foreign objects like Zhao Yun.
Of course, this also requires the cooperation of Zhao Yun and others. If Zhao Yun and others resist, Wei Xiaobei can also repel them, but it will consume more power.
After having a drink with many generals at Zhao Yun’s camp, Wei Xiaobei returned to his tent drunk.
Since all Wei Xiaobei’s soldiers followed him to Wei Family Island, there were no soldiers guarding the entrance of Wei Xiaobei’s tent.
But for Wei Xiaobei, being in Zhao Yun’s camp was much safer than other places unless the Dragon King of the Four Seas came to kill him.
/After washing up, Wei Xiaobei cleared away the smell of alcohol, and then took out the body of the golden wild boar Gulimbursti from the tent.
Speaking of the carcass of the golden wild boar, Wei Xiaobei had been in possession of it for a long time.
However, the golden wild boar carcass was too tough, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t have much time to deal with it before.
But now, Wei Xiaobei is going to Cuihu City to settle the matter of the Immortal Disc Fairy, so he needs to increase his strength as much as possible.
The disposal of the golden wild boar carcass was naturally put on the agenda.
The carcass of the golden wild boar fell to the ground dullly. The golden wild boar was much larger than the average wild boar. If the tent was not relatively large, there would be no way to put the golden wild boar down.
The golden wild boar Gulimbursti is the pet of Frey, the god of fertility. In some Nordic legends, Gulimbursti is the god of summer sunshine. Its speed is astonishingly fast. When Frey, the god of abundance, goes out, most of the animals All riding this wild boar.
Although in myths and legends, Gulimbursti mostly appears as Frey’s pet and has a low status in the Nordic pantheon, but after all, it is not a mortal creature and should be considered a member of the Nordic gods.
It is ten meters long, with long golden-red tusks, like a giant elephant. Its whole body is covered with a layer of radiant golden hair. At first glance, one would think that this golden wild boar is a statue made of gold!
Even though he was dead, Gulimbursti still exuded a fierce power, as if he was not dead at all.
Wei Xiaobei took out a fiery red dagger from the storage ring.
This dagger was made by Wei Xiaobei using part of the fire dragon scales. Although it was only a rare item, it had a series of damage attributes such as armor-breaking a