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y what Wei Xiaobei wanted.

The reason is very simple. People say that Neros is occupied by monsters, but not many people know what those monsters look like.
Wei Xiaobei wanted to find out from the Prime Minister’s mouth.
After all, only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle!
Collecting money to exterminate monsters can certainly allow your apprentices and core disciples to be tempered and improve their strength, but if you don’t even know the situation and just send people over in a hurry, that is an act that will lead to death.
Hearing Wei Xiaobei’s inquiry, Prime Minister Niros breathed a sigh of relief.
The fact that the other party is willing to inquire so carefully shows that the other party has this intention.
But the prime minister was worried that the other party would be unwilling to take action after learning about the situation.
Under the current situation, Weijia Island has become Niros’s only straw.
/If Weijiadao is not willing to take action, then don’t bother, just pack up and disperse to other countries to become refugees.
/“This is it.”
After hesitating for a while, the Prime Minister took out a book from the secretary’s handbag and handed it to Wei Xiaobei.
? ? ?
Wei Xiaobei was a little confused, but after seeing the cover of the book, he understood a little bit.
“A Collection of Dark Versions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales”!
Wei Xiaobei knew about Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Although his family was poor and he didn’t buy many books when he was a child, he read a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales at a classmate’s house.
Grimm’s Fairy Tales is a collection of fairy tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm after a series of modifications and adaptations of folk literature materials collected.
There are 215 stories in total, which can be called one of the essence of European fairy tales.
Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, etc. are the best among them.
It can be said that no one knows it.
But what kind of book is this collection of dark versions of Grimm’s fairy tales?
Wei Xiaobei really didn’t know.
But Wei Xiaobei probably also understood that what happened in Neros Country might have something to do with this book.
To say that this book is indeed dark enough, the cover has decorative paintings of bloody daggers, skulls, etc.
The Frog Prince, Tom and Jerry, The Virgin’s Child, etc. The names of the stories are exactly the same as Grimm’s fairy tales, so there is no need to say more.
The original story of the Frog Prince in Grimm’s Fairy Tales was that a prince was cursed by an evil witch and turned into a frog. The only way to break the evil curse was for a pure princess to kiss the prince, and the rest of the story became logical. A certain princess discovered a frog, kissed it, lifted the evil curse, and lived happily with the prince.
But the so-called in-depth analysis in Wei Xiaobei’s hands is different, and the dark version that restores the truth of the story is different.
The princess and the prince, who often quarreled after getting mar