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m next to the military camp?

you try?
But then I thought about it, this is the gray world, it seems easier to explain.
In Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, this is probably a subsidiary effect of the camp?
But this side effect is a bit too magical.
“Go in with my brother and have a look.”
Zhao Yun asked his soldiers to stay outside, and then walked in first.
There were only some women, old people, and children in the village at this time, gathering under a big tree in the village. The children were playing with each other, the women were doing needlework, and the old man was squatting in one place, making bamboo baskets, etc. kind.
Seeing two strangers coming in, the villagers seemed a little surprised.
“Don’t panic, everyone, I just came in to take a look.”
With a kind smile on his face, Zhao Yun teased a child who almost fell down and laughed.
“Don’t you know the name of your distinguished guest?”
One of the eldest men stood up and asked hesitantly.
/“This is Zhao Yun.”
Facing the elder, Zhao Yun said it immediately without any intention of hiding it.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but sigh to himself, if you want to make some secret visits, you can’t be so sincere, right?
Who would have thought that as Zhao Yun said his name, all the villagers knelt down and worshiped. The old man’s voice was trembling: “General Huwei, we and other country people have neglected the general.”
Looking at the appearance of these villagers, Wei Xiaobei suddenly realized that these villagers were not in a panic, but in surprise.
After that, the old man immediately made arrangements.
“The mother-in-law of the third son’s family, go and call your man back, and by the way, send the pheasants your family shot yesterday to Li Laosan’s house.”
“Li Laosan, go back and get ready. After everyone delivers the things later, it will be up to you. You must satisfy Jiang Jun!”
Well, Wei Xiaobei finally figured out that he was preparing a banquet for Zhao Yun.
Wei Xiaobei could see that Zhao Yun was naturally not blind, so he hurriedly stepped forward to stop the old man: “Wait a minute, if Yun comes and disturbs the villagers, I’m afraid Yun will not dare to come again in the future.”
After what Zhao Yun said, the old man did not plan to hold a big banquet, but he strongly invited Zhao Yun to his home to taste the fresh honey that had just been produced.
The kindness was hard to reject, so Zhao Yun had no choice but to go back with the old man.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t need anyone to invite him, so he followed behind.
There was no honey in his storage ring for a long time. If possible, Wei Xiaobei planned to buy some from the old man.
After all, for a senior chef who is proficient in more than ten Chinese and foreign cuisines, honey is undoubtedly an ingredient. Although it is not used much, it is indispensable in many desserts and even some dishes.
In the Botanical Garden on Weijia Island, beekeeping was not even on the agenda.
There are many reasons for this, but a very important point is that under the influence of the eternal youth effect,