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hovering at the highest point above the projection of Heaven Mountain put a lot of pressure on Wei Xiaobei.

Especially the four-winged angel with the highest position, the light breath constantly overflowed from his body, and even condensed into pure flames.
No less than a four-star elite!
The strength of these angels is much stronger than the angel projections encountered before!
Wei Xiaobei could clearly judge this point.
If an enemy like this attacks rashly, it is very likely that he will be trapped.
From this point of view, Xiong Biao is more cautious.
“Let’s go back.”
In fact, at this time, due to Wei Xiaobei’s extensive knowledge, the projection of Heaven Mountain had already undergone some changes.
The originally bright Paradise Mountain became brighter and brighter.
At this time, the four-winged angel hovering at the highest point flapped its wings slightly, as if listening to something. After a few breaths, his angry eyes looked at where Wei Xiaobei and the two were hiding.
He grabbed his right hand in the air, and then countless tiny light spots gathered from all directions, forming a radiant long sword in an instant.
/“There! There are enemies of light!”
With the pointing of the lightsaber, the originally quiet Heavenly Mountain suddenly boiled. Thousands of double-winged angels soared from all over the Heavenly Mountain. Their wings carried a slight light, and these double-winged angels immediately formed. A surging river formed, rushing towards Wei Xiaobei.
“Peat! How did those guys find us?”
Xiong Biao was a little puzzled by the angel’s commotion. It was said that he had come here to investigate many times, but he had never been discovered. Why did he bring Wei Xiaobei here today? It was like poking a hornet’s nest. ?
Thinking of this, Xiong Biao’s eyes were fixed on Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t say that it was his extensive knowledge that alerted the other party.
“This doesn’t seem like a good time to argue about this, right?”
Wei Xiaobei smiled cheekily.
“I’ll settle the score with you when I get back!”
Xiong Biao did not dare to stop at this time. He grabbed Wei Xiaobei’s arm with his right hand and the two of them dug into the ground. The soil immediately separated. When the two figures disappeared, the separated soil was like a memory alloy, slowly squirming. Restore.
For these angels, it was impossible for them to imagine that there would be such a heaven-defying method of rapid underground passage like Earth Escape.
Well, actually, when the two of them appeared near the city gate again, Wei Xiaobei grabbed Xiong Biao as soon as he jumped out of the ground: “How do you do this? Teach me!”
Even a fool can understand the benefits of this earth escape.
When you encounter a strong enemy and you really can’t do it, burrow underground. What can you do to me?
If the enemy escapes, don’t be too happy if this earth escape chases him.
“Earth Escape? Want to learn?”
Xiong Biao felt proud at this time. He rolled his eyelids upward and asked in a r