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r of the population left in Green Lake City. Most of the rest have fled here, and a few have been killed by the vicious Zerg or Protoss.

Fortunately, there are not many situations like this in Cuihu City nationwide.
Wei Xiaobei learned from Xu Feiyang that there were three cities in China where monster incidents broke out on a large scale like Cuihu City.
One of the cities and even the urban area was completely occupied by monsters.
As for the cities where monsters appear in small areas, there are many counties and even towns. They are basically found in every province. Even in some densely populated areas, a monster will jump out from time to time.
In short, the situation nationwide is still under control, but it has also caused a lot of panic.
However, China’s situation is already considered very good. Compared with China, many countries around the world have experienced uncontrollable situations.
Take a small country in Europe as an example. This small country in the Alps actually has a large number of tree people and stone people!
/Well, this is probably related to some legends in this small country.
It is said that various gods live in the Alps, and the incarnations of these gods appear in trees and large rocks.
Well, those stone men are okay, they stay asleep most of the time. If someone provokes them, or gets too close, they will be angered.
Those tree people were more terrifying. They gathered together to form a large army and began to sweep the Alps. All villages and towns they encountered were destroyed, and all humans and animals were wiped out!
This small country put up a resolute resistance and dispatched all its troops to fight back against the tree people.
At first, this counterattack achieved good results, but then, perhaps the attack of fighter jets or artillery accidentally provoked the stone men. After the stone men joined the war, the situation quickly deteriorated.
/In the end, 80% of this small country was occupied by these monsters, leaving only a few cities still resisting.
Well, this small country is probably about to be destroyed by now. There are five to six million people in the country, and the survivors are less than half a million at most.
Of course, this is the most extreme case.
But some big countries are also troubled by various monsters.
It is said that several British troops from the Revolutionary War even appeared in the United States. As long as they saw American flags hanging in towns along the way, they would immediately attack the towns.
Of course, the powerful United States immediately launched a counterattack against these antique armies.
Not to mention the outcome of the battle, after this matter was exposed on the Internet, it immediately triggered a war of online public opinion.
Some netizens said that these guys should be wiped off the earth with nuclear bombs, while others said that these antique armies should be given the right to survive.
Well, in this day and age, there are all kinds of weird things. As long as those monsters don’t kill you, you c