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illustrates this point. The concept of the entire song is not limited to the so-called competition venue at all. The lyrics do not even mention the competition itself, because what we Korean athletes need to find is not the direction of the basketball competition. , but the direction of your own life. This is the song that Korean athletes need to hear most!”

This is the most suitable song for Korea!
This song is not perfect and appropriate for Qin Qi and Chu Yan.
Because the song doesn’t sound like it has much to do with the game.
But leaving it to Hanzhou is the most suitable choice!
/This is determined by the status of Korean athletes and their results over the years!
They are confused!
Why are you talking to a group of athletes who are confused in life? Believe in yourself and work hard in the competition. They may not be able to listen!
fly together?
Flying higher?
Other continents are qualified to say this!
But Hanzhou has never flown before!
Huang Dongzheng didn’t expect this. If he wrote it to him, he would definitely make a fuss about the competition!
Xianyu doesn’t have it!
It was precisely because Huang Dongzheng couldn’t think of it that he thought of more after he woke up!
Until this moment!
Huang Dongzheng was convinced!
“I’m not as good as Xianyu. Not only is my composition level inferior to others, but my understanding of music, the structure of the competition, and my grasp of reality are also inferior!”
He stretched out his hand to his wife:
“Give me the phone!”
“What do you want to do?”
“Not for now!”
Under his wife’s strange gaze, Huang Dongzheng decisively downloaded “Blooming Life” using his wife’s account.
“Let’s make the list first!”
Then Huang Dongzheng took out his mobile phone and downloaded “Blooming Life” using his own account.
“Change some more players!”
Huang Dongzheng seems to have completely forgotten the fact that his song will drop one place once “Blooming Life” enters the season chart.
He is now a Korean!
Purely Korean!
While Huang Dongzheng was convinced.
season standings.
On the battlefield, it’s like burning oil cooking oil.
Qin Qi, Chu Yan, and the four continents also tacitly paused their charting and focused on the song “Blooming Life”.
But the ones who responded the fastest were the Koreans!
Regardless of how harshly Koreans criticize their own athletes, in fact they support their own athletes more than anyone else!
Action is the best proof!
Many Koreans quickly clicked the download without even listening to the song to support their athletes!
You still have to listen to the songs.
Just like the momentum of the release of the previous songs, as countless people clicked to play, “Blooming Life” was heard in all continents.
After listening to the whole song, the continents exploded!
This is obviously another exciting song!
And because this song is not like other songs that often talk about competitions, it instead provides everyone with fresh ideas and thoughts, and then reminds us of the results of Korea’s previo