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other words, ordinary flames could hardly harm Wei Xiaobei.

For example, if Wei Xiaobei puts his arm into the flame of a natural gas stove, I am afraid that after an hour, Wei Xiaobei’s arm will be able to maintain its normal color!
This is an essential change!
Wei Xiaobei even suspected that if this ability continued to advance, he might be able to absorb flames later on.
This is not a joke, but something that is very likely to happen.
It takes some time for the body’s injuries to fully recover.
Wei Xiaobei was not in a hurry, left the bathroom, lay down on the bed, and then swallowed a skull bird’s soul bead.
As the soul bead was swallowed, a cold undead aura immediately rose from Wei Xiaobei’s stomach and spread towards every part of Wei Xiaobei’s body.
But before this spread could fully unfold, it was ruthlessly suppressed by Wei Xiaobei.
After a flash of electric sparks, the undead aura disappeared and could no longer affect Wei Xiaobei’s body.
No way, Wei Xiaobei’s ability to release electric current has an unimaginable special effect on removing undead auras and the like.
After swallowing this soul bead, Wei Xiaobei felt the special pleasure of his rising spirit as usual.
According to the effects described on the soul beads, this should be the feeling that occurs when the soul is strengthened.
Wei Xiaobei then drank some premium tree sap such as World Tree Liang to speed up his body’s recovery.
Of course, even if you take sap products such as World Tree Liang, serious injuries like this cannot be cured in an instant.
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei needs to rest in bed for at least one day!
After all, with an injury like this, an ordinary person would probably die more than ten times!
/Taking advantage of the free time for his body to recover, Wei Xiaobei returned his attention to the attribute panel.
/During this period, Wei Xiaobei’s evolution point gains were not very large, but thanks to the huge accumulation in the past, he now has a total of 19,554 evolution points.
Calculating the time, it has been almost a month since the last time I sacrificed Juntiquan to improve Bajiquan.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment and then focused on the shooting (entering into a room) skill.
Under the rapid consumption of evolution points, the light red shooting skill words began to quickly turn into dark red.
The 200 evolution points were all consumed in just ten seconds.
At this moment, a little yellow suddenly appeared in the deep red of the shooting skill words, and then spread quickly, like ink falling into clear water, dyeing all the shooting skill words into light yellow.
As a result, shooting skills have also been upgraded from being in the room to being honed over time.
In an instant, a large number of unfamiliar shooting experiences that he had had emerged from the depths of Wei Xiaobei’s mind, and then they were intertwined and merged with each other, eventually giving rise to new shooting experiences.
In just a moment, Wei Xiaobei felt as if he had been practicing shooting for several years