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des of the road are dilapidated but have a somewhat weird style. There are modern cement and steel structure buildings and ancient wooden houses. The two are mixed and stand on both sides of the road. It looks like you are entering. It’s like a comic book world.

Wei Xiaobei had seen enough of this phenomenon that he didn’t feel it was weird at all.
After turning a corner, Wei Xiaobei recognized the direction and walked slowly towards Songshan. At the same time, he took out the lowest quality barbecue from his storage bracelet and started filling his stomach.
After devouring more than twenty pieces of barbecue, the uncontrollable hunger began to subside quickly, replaced by an indescribable sense of satisfaction.
The kind of barbecue that was of the worst quality and could only restore physical strength was gone. Wei Xiaobei flipped through his storage bracelet and found that there were about two pieces left.
Barbecued meats, thick porridge, etc., which nourish both physical strength and mental strength, range from high-quality products to treasures, and there are only more than thirty servings in total.
Unknowingly, the food reserve in the storage bracelet has been reduced to this extent?
However, after thinking for a moment, Wei Xiaobei remembered that a lot of food was given directly to his apprentices, American soldiers and the like. After all, food like this is no longer just food in the gray world. In many cases, it means To maintain fighting strength and life!
It’s time to prepare some more food and clean out the storage bracelet.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the corpse of the fire giant that occupied most of the space in the storage bracelet, and felt a little hesitant. Psychologically, Wei Xiaobei was somewhat resistant to eating the meat of such a humanoid monster.
It’s like a noble man who is accustomed to fine food. If you ask him to eat pig meat, no matter how strong his willpower is, he will probably have to adapt for a while.
Well, no matter how hard he resisted, Wei Xiaobei had to consider the remaining space for his storage bracelet.
After all, the corpses of those fire giants took up too much space in the storage bracelet, making it inconvenient for Wei Xiaobei to use the storage bracelet many times, and he had to use it carefully.
Save people?
Yes, to save people, Shi Yongping just said that his apprentice Shi Yankun entered the gray world and disappeared after leaving Songshan Mountain.
/Then the scope is large.
/Wei Xiaobei didn’t think he was so lucky that he found Shi Yankun as soon as he entered the gray world.
To put it simply, you need to be prepared to search for a long time. In this case, you will not save such a little time.
Wei Xiaobei planned to find a place to dispose of the fire giant’s corpse. Not only would all of it be made into barbecue, but at least a considerable part would be cut into pieces for easy roasting later.
Well, there is a nice wooden building in front.
Wei Xiaobei directly selected the wooden building as firewood for barbecue, and next to it was a large ope