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ol. The area of ??the water pool was a bit small compared to Wei Xiaobei’s needs. It was only about two acres, more than a thousand square meters.

Wei Xiaobei frowned, then climbed up the mountain wall next to the waterfall and continued walking along the river.
Continuing forward from here, we begin to go deep into the Fengshan Mountains.
As mentioned before, the Fengshan Mountains are one of the four main mountain ranges in Sichuan Province. There are large tracts of undeveloped virgin forest within its mountain ranges and are extremely sparsely populated.
Even walking along the riverside is difficult, and the further you go in, the worse the environment becomes.
Wei Xiaobei even saw a five- to six-meter-long python swimming leisurely by the river. As for the leeches that kept falling from the top of his head when passing by the woods, it made his whole body goosebumps.
Fortunately, with Wei Xiaobei’s reaction speed, it would be very difficult for those dry leeches to fall on Wei Xiaobei’s body and suck blood. Before they got close to Wei Xiaobei, all those dry leeches were killed by the electric current blooming from Wei Xiaobei’s body. .
There is no doubt that even in winter, in such a primitive forest, the air humidity is very high, which is very suitable for Wei Xiaobei to discharge electricity in the air.
After advancing nearly thirty kilometers towards the depths of the Fengshan Mountains, Wei Xiaobei found a water pool.
The area of ????this pool is not small, covering more than ten acres. The water quality seems to be quite clear. Of course, some small fish, insects, etc. are inevitable.
The only thing that dissatisfied Wei Xiaobei was that the shape of the pool was irregular, so Wei Xiaobei took out the diamond mace from his storage bracelet and got busy.
All protruding stones on the shore of the pool were smashed by Wei Xiaobei with a diamond mace, and the gravel was moved to the two directions of the inflow and outflow of the pool water.
When the shape of the pool became round, Wei Xiaobei opened a river channel next to the pool, directly changed the course of the small river, and finally blocked the road with all the gravel, completely sealing the pool.
/To be honest, the amount of work required to do this is quite large. If it were contracted to others, it would require at least hundreds of people, a week and enough explosives in such a primitive forest.
But Wei Xiaobei finished it in less than four hours by himself.
Compared with explosives, the shock and heavy blow of the diamond mace are more effective in correcting the edge of the pool.
After Wei Xiaobei finished his work, the area of ????the water pool also expanded a lot, adding about an acre of area here and there.
Next, Wei Xiaobei quickly returned to the parking lot and drove the off-road vehicle out.
After an arduous trek, the off-road vehicle stopped at the entrance of the valley. It was impossible to drive further in, and it was impossible for the off-road vehicle to advance a hundred meters on the rocky river beach. Of cour