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s studio to look after the family.

However, seeing a hint of expectation in his eyes, Wei Xiaobei finally made the decision to take them away together to avoid having to practice boxing in the martial arts gym every day. He was a little worried that the two of them would be a little silly. .
Seeing Master’s agreement, both Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi happily packed their bags. Zhu Xinyi was a girl after all, and she was much more thoughtful than Huang Kun. After packing her bags, she took Huang Kun out to go shopping. A gift.
Hearing what Zhu Xinyi said, Wei Xiaobei thought about it. It was a rare time for him to go back and he should indeed bring some gifts.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei asked Zhu Xinyi and the others to go out and bring back a few glass wine jars. Then he purchased some medicinal materials to nourish blood and qi, and soaked them in the glass jars with white wine.
/But the most important point is that Wei Xiaobei put thirty drops of secondary youth spring water into several wine jars.
After all, his parents are getting older, and Wei Xiaobei wants to use this medicinal wine to let his two elders take a little every day. Over time, with the support of this second-level youth spring water, they will not be prone to serious illnesses.
If these thirty drops of secondary youth spring water are taken by one person alone, their appearance can be restored to the golden years of 18 years old, and each drop, that is, each milliliter is enough to extend the life of an ordinary person by one year.
Taking a few drops of secondary youth spring water at one time will easily make people discover the problems inside. But if you divide it into several wine jars and mix it with medicinal wine, it will be difficult for people to detect it. At most, they will just think that the medicinal wine has the effect. It’s just better.
At night, Wei Xiaobei sat beside the bed, touched the small treasure bag, and took out the golden object from the mutated farmer’s market.
After taking it out of the small treasure bag, the golden object even tried to break free from Wei Xiaobei’s hand. Wei Xiaobei used his palms to force it and finally managed to grasp it firmly.
Wei Xiaobei placed an attribute probe on it. The golden object just stopped struggling, but the golden light on its body also faded.
As the golden light faded, the true identity of the golden object was revealed.
It has two pointed ends, a swollen middle, and a circle of circular wrinkles on it, just like a strange wasp’s nest.
Wei Xiaobei knew that it was impossible to tell the purpose of something like this just by looking at its appearance, so he turned his attention to his mind and checked the properties of this golden object.
Name: Prototype of the Altar of Life (treasure, broken)
Introduction: This object is a by-product of the concentration of divine power in the mutated farmer’s market. Due to forcible ingestion, it was split and broken.
Effect 1: Devour flesh and blood. Any flesh and blood containing energy can be devoured and transformed int