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eld on to his painful left leg, stood up with difficulty, and asked Jiang Mengdie with a smile: “Where do you want to go now? We can go right away.”

At this moment, Jiang Mengdie felt that Yue Ming was so tall, and his body seemed to be emitting a dazzling light, which was destined to be the light of hope.
Jiang Mengdie also stood up. She supported Yue Ming and said, “I will follow you wherever you go, anywhere in the world.”
Yue Ming leaned into Jiang Mengdie’s ear and said, “It’s not over yet. There is a gatekeeper outside.”
The gatekeeper Yue Ming was talking about was Lei Long. Lin Xingchen and Wei Renwu had ordered him to take a good look at the detention room before leaving.
Thunder Dragon is a good policeman who fulfills his duties. He never leaves the door of the detention room and won’t even take out his cell phone to take a look.
At this time, Thunder Dragon suddenly heard violent noises in the detention room. Thunder Dragon guessed that there might have been some disputes inside. After all, Yue Ming was still inside, so he had to take a look anyway.
Brontosaurus took out the key, unlocked the door of the detention room, rushed in, and shouted: “What happened?”
As soon as Thunder Dragon rushed in, the response was a fist in front of him.
Thunder Dragon is a policeman who has experienced many battles and is physically strong. How could he be knocked down by a fist? As soon as the fist reached the tip of his nose, it was cut off by his giant palm.
Thunder Dragon held the incoming fist, like an iron hoop clamping down on the incoming fist. Only then did Thunder Dragon realize that this punch was thrown by Jiang Mengdie in front of him.
Thunder Dragon mocked: “Young man, you still want to make a sneak attack”
Before Thunder Dragon finished speaking, he suddenly felt his eyes go dark and fainted.
Behind the thunder dragon appeared Yue Ming’s stalwart body.
Jiang Mengdie found it incredible to see such a strong person like Thunder Dragon being knocked unconscious by Yue Ming with one blow. She was surprised and said: “Oh my God! How did you do it?”
Yue Ming stretched out his finger and said proudly: “This is the method Wei Renwu taught me to knock him out with one blow. Press hard on the ‘Jade Pillow Point’ on the back of his head.”
Jiang Mengdie finally understood that Yue Ming was not the stupid boy who couldn’t even speak clearly when she first met him. He was much more capable than she imagined.
/Yue Ming signaled: “Let’s go. My car is parked downstairs. My legs and feet are not convenient right now. You can drive later.”
/Jiang Mengdie nodded shyly. To be honest, she really didn’t expect that she and Yue Ming would be able to fly away, but this feeling was not bad for her.
Jiang Mengdie supported Yue Ming, sneaked downstairs, and secretly got into Yue Ming’s Maserati. Originally, the car keys were temporarily kept by Wei Renwu, but fortunately, he hid the spare keys in a special hidden compartment at the bottom of Yue Ming’s car. With the car key, they can easily ignite the engine of the Mas