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nder the guidance of Chu Weiyang, condensed the “Picture of the Taoist Mother”.

But this is just one example. If Chu Weiyang wants to spread Taoism widely in the world, he cannot reach the point where every sect needs to teach in this way. In the future, this Dharma lineage cannot be passed on from generation to generation through this method. .
Even in the Yuan Sect, such a statement is rare, it is too shameful.
Therefore, in the past in Tiantai Dao City, Chu Weiyang only sorted out and completed the classics of the true form of the Tao in the Nine Refining Alchemy Realm.
“The Master of Langxiao Mountain Speaks of the Nine Dharmas and Three Phases of True Forms and Wonderful Sutras”
Nine Dharma and Three Phases.
In fact, just from the God-given name of this Yuan Dian, we can also see the limited scope of this Miao Jing Yuan Dian.
There is no clear cultivation method in the realm of foundation building, which means that the Taoism itself does not have a real and deep root, and there is not much description about the realm of the golden elixir, which means that the Taoism itself does not have round and fruitful results.
Of course, due to the limitations of Chu Weiyang’s past cultivation level and the cultivation of the True Returning Dao, cultivators can still see the potential of this method, but if it cannot be traced back to the foundation-building realm, then cultivators will value this method. The true path is just the Dharma lineage.
Rather than the “true form method”!
Chu Weiyang had regrets in the past.
/But now, Qing He actually used his own efforts to open up this joint in the process of polishing the Taoist foundation of the foundation-building realm in a way that Chu Weiyang had never thought of, and revealed his own Tao map!
Chu Weiyang knew that Qing He had been influenced by him during this process, as evidenced by the charm of the “Corpse Dissection and Refining Diagram”.
But Chu Weiyang has never helped Qing He in the condensation process of this diagram.
This can be regarded as the path that Qinghe took alone!
And just thinking about these, at this moment, Chu Weiyang’s mind was in the process of ecstasy, and he gave birth to some extremely complicated sigh of relief.
I am not alone!
There is no reason why Chu Weiyang was so moved by Qing He’s own achievements!
And it also pointed to the flash of Chu Weiyang’s emotions. Qing He, who was looking at Shi Yuting from a distance, turned around after hearing the sound.
A long absence is better than a new marriage.
For no reason, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt such emotion about parting and meeting.
Make familiar things strange, and then create a sense of freshness from the intertwining process of strangeness and familiarity.
This may be the meaning of encounter.
It was only less than a year apart, and Qing He’s physical appearance had not changed at all, but in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, she seemed to have changed.
It may be because he has been promoted to the realm of golden elixir, and everything in his eyes is different from ordinary things;