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y when to write.

You must write anyway.
Chu Kuang cannot miss any of the four great classics.
/Of course, there are many famous works abroad, and Lin Yuan will write about them in the future.
Thinking of this, Lin Yuan took a deep breath, turned on the computer and started typing on the keyboard.
After a while.
A new work called “Water Margin” appeared on Lin Yuan’s computer files.
There are different versions of Water Margin.
Lin Yuan planned to write according to the longest preface by Yang Dingjian.
This version has a total of 1.2 chapters and 960,000 words. It is the most widely circulated version in the world and the most recommended version by the system.
“It can be published by the end of January next year.”
Lin Yuan probably made an estimate in his mind.
The 960,000 words can be completed in one month if you are not in a hurry.
Maybe the pattern can be opened up a little.
After all, “Water Margin” is not just a passionate story about Liangshan’s thirty-six heavenly gangs, seventy-two evil spirits, and one hundred and eight generals.
Although the ending of this book is very crazy
Song Jiang, who was full of foolish loyalty to the imperial court, actually pulled his brothers to accept the imperial edict. As a result, the whole group was almost destroyed. He even went so far as to poison Li Kui, who was devoted to him.
I hope that by then there will be fewer people scolding me than those scolding Song Jiang.
All right.
No more pretending.
An old thief who had experienced hundreds of battles smiled calmly and showed that he was not panic at all.
Small scene.
The old thief even had time to think about the future.
It is said that “The Eight Parts of the Dragon” is the work with the best group portraits among Chu Kuang’s novels. Next, he will subvert readers’ perceptions.
I don’t know since when, people have become more and more fond of combining literary works with sightseeing, so many classic masterpieces have instantly changed their taste, such as “Anna Karenina”, which is known as one of the top ten masterpieces in the world. , the heroine has changed from a fighter to a green tea spokesperson;
And among the domestic masterpieces.
Let’s just talk about “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, which is also one of the four great classics.
There is a hunter named Liu An in the book. He wanted to entertain Liu Bei but found that there was no food at home, so he made his wife a dish for Liu Bei to eat. This also made many people feel that it really exceeded a person’s bottom line.
The ancient green forest of “Water Margin” is even more controversial.
The most controversial issue is whether the 108 Liangshan heroes can be called “real heroes”?
Should this book really be included in the Four Great Books?
After all, in this book, except for Lu Zhishen, Lin Chong, Wu Song and others, many so-called heroes actually did evil things, killing people without blinking an eye.
But Lin Yuan likes to look at problems from another angle.
If there are people who are angry at the compa