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one of Abigail’s?

The system seemed a little unhappy: “Everyone is good at different things. Even if Yang Zhongming is stronger, he will always be inferior to Abigail in some ways. If you want to grow into a top musician, you must become a hexagon warrior. Besides, this is also an opportunity for you to get to know your opponent.”
This is true.
Lin Yuan plans to make his own music in the future and compete with these top music dads based on his true strength.
Before that, it is necessary to study hard with these top music dads.
/Moreover, even now, studying with a top music dad can bring great help to Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan suddenly became curious:
Will you collect all the character cards of the top ten music daddies in the future?
That’s equivalent to having the top ten music masters teach me together. It seems good to think so?
Think of this.
The words fell.
Lin Yuan was startled.
next moment.
Lin Yuan’s face turned black: “Tell me, are you operating behind the scenes!?”
“Host, please calm down.”
The system spoke unhurriedly: “The conductor is the interpreter of music. He must be a perfect musician, have a deep understanding of every detail of the score, and have the ability to convey this understanding to others. In this way, the music can be shaped into a unified and convincing whole, and the most beautiful sound can be produced.”
Lin Yuan was very unhappy: “Of course I know the importance of a conductor. I’m asking you why the golden treasure chest only has the professional level. Shouldn’t it be the ability of a master conductor?”
Music conductors are very important!
There are many outstanding conductors in the music world.
These people are famous all over the world!
Their status on earth even exceeds that of modern composers, performers and singers!
And in Blue Star.
Dad Qu has the highest status.
However, even top performers must treat each other as equals and with utmost courtesy when facing some top conductors!
Because performers and singers certainly have admirable playing and singing skills, but all they can command is actually their own instruments and voices.
And what about the conductor?
The conductor conducts a huge orchestra and even a chorus!
There are various musical instruments here, and each actor’s performance personality and level are also different. It is not an easy task for the conductor to unify them into a harmonious whole and create a variety of music.
Conducting is an art!
Whether on Earth or on a blue star, conducting has always been recognized as the most comprehensive music performing art!
Every conductor has his own personality and style.
The performance style of the same band or chorus often changes significantly under different conductors.
You got it right.
Even the same piece of music, carefully handled by different conductors, will present different artistic effects.
Just like different army generals.
There are bound to be many differences in the styles and abilities of different generals in commanding ba