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e best pretense scenes in Jin Yong’s works. It has triggered countless martial arts writers to imitate it. After the protagonist experienced layers of depression, he finally ushered in the most exciting scene, from emotion to plot and even All kinds of conflicts explode at the same time!

The final shock can be described as heartfelt!
After this plot, readers’ focus is no longer on changing the protagonist midway, and the entire Internet is excitedly discussing this plot!
“Ah, I’m numb!”
“The climax of the six major factions’ siege on Guangmingding was so exciting that I couldn’t breathe!”
“Hahahahaha, Zhang Wuji is a cheater. He cheats harder than Yang Guo and Guo Jing. He is invincible at the same age. He has a perfect combination of top internal and external skills. He also has top-notch medical skills and inherited the looks of his parents. value!”
“Just feel good and that’s it!”
“The old thief wrote this climax, I was so excited when I saw it!”
“Seeing the six major factions coming up and the protagonist making a grand appearance, my head turned blue with excitement, okay!”
“Chu Kuangniubi, this climax is really wonderful and magnificent!”
“The previous torture was so miserable, but this time the protagonist completely counterattacked, pretending to be more powerful than ever before, and directly became the leader of the Ming Cult, giving orders to the heroes, knowing clearly that this is the old thief’s writing technique of suppressing first and then advancing. I’m still trembling with pleasure!”
/“It’s just that what was written before was too weird.”
“Guo Xiang is passing by, Zhang Junbao is passing by, and Zhang Cuishan is just passing by. It is Zhang Wuji’s turn so late.”
“No no no no no.”
“After watching the six major sects besieging Guangmingding, haven’t you understood? Without the foreshadowing, this plot would be so enjoyable. The foreshadowing now seems to be very necessary, otherwise you He wouldn’t know the relationship between Zhu Er and Zhang Wuji, he wouldn’t know the enmity between the six major sects and Zhang Wuji, and he wouldn’t know the significance of Zhang Wuji to Wudang. In other words, if Chu Kuang had briefly mentioned these things, his emotions would not be like this now. It’s all full.”
at the same time.
Major scenic spots are also numb.
Everyone is not numb with excitement.
It was purely because Chu Kuang was numb with anger.
Good guy!
Except for Wudang, all the six major sects have become the targets for the protagonist to pretend to be powerful!
The characters in the Kongtong Sect, Huashan Sect, etc. are even worse than the last!
/What about the famous and upright people you promised?
The result is all driven by profit!
Everything they did was to get the whereabouts of Dragon Saber and Xie Xun!
“This old thief!”
“I’m furious!”
“Thankfully I invited him sincerely before!”
“Didn’t everyone cooperate very well during the previous wave of sword discussions in Huashan? Why did it become like this?”
“It won’t affect our passenger flow, right?”