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For an apprentice with only three gold medal songwriters, it is not easy to be in the top ten.
Many qu dads can only do this to this extent at their age.
Lin Yuan is an exception, otherwise he would not be called a monster in the industry.
Fortunately, we are not too unfamiliar with each other.
For example, the Yu Dynasty singers and Lin Yuan’s three apprentices are very familiar with each other and have basically collaborated with them.
Lin Yuan’s family at the scene was relatively unfamiliar to everyone.
However, Jiang Kui and Dayao Yao are quite familiar.
There was an impressive fan meeting between the two
The strange thing is:
The protagonist of the dinner is actually not Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan’s mother!
“This store is opened by me, Yanyan Catering. Do you know that you can eat at all Yanyan Catering in Blue Star in the future? It’s free for juniors, and it’s free for juniors’ families for life. Not to mention you, aunt. If you are not satisfied with the service, please tell me and I will call the store manager immediately!”
Sun Yaohuo’s communication skills are first-rate.
He warmly entertained Lin Yuan’s mother, and soon became familiar with her. Although they were quite different in age, they were able to chat quite happily.
Others followed suit and toasted to Lin Yuan’s mother.
Zhao Yingke seemed to have drunk too much. He didn’t even call her aunt, but called: “Auntie” when she came up.
“Mom, let me toast you!”
Mom picked up the drink and had a drink with Zhao Yingchrome, only to realize that something was not right.
What’s even more wrong is
After drinking this cup, Lin Yuan’s third apprentice Li Lizhi became more energetic: “Mom, you can come to the company when you are free. My dad is the chairman of Xingmang. He keeps saying that he wants to meet you and thank the teacher for his kindness.” Where is my cultivation!”
My mother couldn’t laugh or cry.
Jiang Kui rolled her eyes: “Your Highness, you are Teacher Xianyu’s apprentice. There is a gap in seniority. You should be called Master Nai!”
Jiang Kui looked at Lin Yuan’s mother: “Really, Mom?”
Chen Zhiyu’s eyes widened: “Jiang Kui, why are you taking advantage of my mother!”
Everyone looked at Chen Zhiyu strangely.
Sun Yaohuo was still sensible and laughed loudly and said: “Auntie must be too kind. Don’t mind, Auntie, they are just joking. If you really don’t have any objection, then it’s okay for us to recognize a godmother.”
“I think it’s okay!”
Lin Xuan’s eyes lit up: “You will all be my younger brothers and sisters from now on!”
Lin Xuan is so happy that so many celebrities have relatives. She wants to establish her status as the eldest sister. When she goes out to brag about her sex in the future, she will definitely be able to shock all the young girls!
I am indeed the protagonist of this world!
Dayao Yao hesitated for a moment and said to Jiang Kui: “You give me the concert tickets and the egg yolk cake, and I will call you sister.”
Good guy.
Before the meal was finished, everyone became a fa