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e King’s Domain, so how could she lose?

In the past, she swept through the True King era and never lost.
“Call me brother.” Wang Xuan’s hand slipped from her head, not ruthlessly leaving five finger holes in her skull, but instead landed on the back of her snow-white neck along the smooth and shiny hair.
Finally, he backed away and stopped.
With a whoosh, the god moved away and disappeared.
“Hey, the voice was too low, I didn’t hear it!” Wang Xuan emphasized from behind, asking her to start over.
/The deep space was cold and silent. After the light faded, there was no movement, and it returned to the normal state of endless darkness.
Wang Xuan took action, and the True King’s domain expanded. In an instant, the collapsed and decayed universe was restored. Especially when a drop of blood in the restored universe was collected by him, it was crystal clear and filled with divine light.
Soon, real traces of the avenue were spread from the distance, and the drop of blood was taken away.
Wang Xuan smiled, turned and left.
“It’s strange. I feel like this era is coming to an end. Why hasn’t the must-kill list shown its power?” a True Saint from Source No. 1 commented.
“The bloody stone platform disappeared?” The true saints from Source No. 2, a small group of true saints who entered the “dangerous period”, had been nervous for five thousand years, but nothing happened.
/“Thank you to King Wang Zhen, he should have taken away the murder weapon!” Even the mighty Yun Ling from Source No. 2 had a serious look on his face and informed the saints of the truth.
“He can actually do this?” Some veteran true saints were frightened, because the must-kill list and the blood-colored stone platform have existed for many years, and even the Muppet True King from the extraordinary source has not made any rash moves.
By now, people have gradually learned that there is a disaster lord level existence. The more secrets they learn, the more awe they feel.
“The must-kill list and the blood-colored stone platform are all artifacts left in the present world by the disaster lord who returned to the true place. The true king is afraid of them and does not want to offend the disaster lord.”
Now, I can no longer hide it, even ordinary people know that Wang Xuan is the mysterious true king!
Many people were shocked, even some acquaintances were speechless, speechless and a little unbelievable.
For example, Li Hongchen, Lu Yun, and Qi Yuan, who once competed with Wang Xuan in the same generation, knew that Wang Xuan had already been petrified once when he became the new saint. Now that they learned that he was the true king, they all began to doubt their lives.
Li Hongchen sighed: “I think back on that time when I used the pseudonym of Hell Five Breaking Immortal and filmed the battle scene of him drilling through hell alone. I already thought it was outrageous. I didn’t expect the subsequent development to be even more absurd!”
In Black Peacock Mountain, Lang Tian was extremely shocked and said: “Second father, he is so unbelievable.