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e saint invaded and did not storm the dojo directly. Breaking in without fireworks would be even more terrifying for the people in the Tattoo Palace. This would be a catastrophe.

The rare pool of supernatural power in the mythological lineage is like a bright lake, steaming with rare super matter. The king silently planted the formation flag here.
Not far away, there was a stranger meditating by the lake, swallowing mythical substances that were not common in the genealogy. He had doubts and opened his eyes.
Then, he saw a familiar man standing in front of him silently, holding a halberd, looking down at him with incomparable majesty.
In an instant, his eyes widened in horror, his face full of fear and disbelief. He recognized it, this was Wang Yusheng who disappeared two centuries ago.
/The powerful man with the most vicious reputation among the aliens back then, he had also participated in sieges, but now, why couldn’t he move? I can’t even resist.
Then, he saw a big hand fall and grasp his whole body. His memory and the light of his soul were quickly leaked out and controlled by the other party.
Then he felt that with a pop, the whole body exploded. The alien blood stained the lakeside red, and he was as fragile as an earthen jar.
At the last moment, he discovered with trembling and despair that the figure that was just the spiritual embodiment of the other party walked in front of him and deprived him of his memory and life.
The king’s real body was far away, and he just glanced at it indifferently. This caused him, as a foreigner, to die without a trace of trouble.
“It’s been two centuries, and you guys haven’t made much progress.” Wang Yusheng said to himself, not only talking about the dead strangers, but also about the Tattoo Palace.
He already knew that there were five strangers left behind. They were really skinny camels bigger than horses, far superior to many tyrannical groups in the outside world.
Moreover, this does not include the aliens who are patrolling outside.
At the same time, he also confirmed that the Tattoo Palace had the most important incarnation of the true saint sitting in the sect, retreating in the chaotic fog in the deepest part of the back mountain.
The Tattoo Palace is very large, and some areas are their own universe. For example, the place where Wang Yusheng is now is a boundless martial arts field on the red ground, including a sealed starry sky.
There are no mountains, no vegetation here, and it is very desolate. There are many meteorites in the sky, and the ground is full of pits. There is a giant many times larger than the majestic mountains, swinging a giant ax that covers half of the sky. The scene is extremely terrifying.
He seemed to be creating heaven and earth, cutting open the sky with one axe, streaking across the sky, extinguishing large swathes of stars. His terrifying figure, and the gesture of covering the sky with the face of his ax alone, shocked people’s hearts.
This is a stranger who is at his most powerful, with blood as strong as the ocean. He i