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geniuses without considering strangers. That level has long been finalized.”

“Are you training? Send away generations after generations!” Wang Xuan glanced at it and said: “You said, I will see the woman you are talking about in the imperial city, the holy temple, the Tianshen Mountain and other places. ?”
“I don’t know.” After the mobile phone wonder said it, he fell silent.
Sure enough, if you want to deal with it, it is most effective to mention the fact that this woman was left in hell.
“Will she mutate, awaken, and live another wonderful life?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Can you please be quiet!” The strange mobile phone disappeared on its own initiative.
In the giant city, Leng Mei pushed forward all the way. There was no monster that could stop her. Her snow-white dress was flying, and she smoothed the way forward.
Of course, there were riots all over the city, and there were still many monsters from all directions, rushing towards us. Man-eating vines, iron-blooded ancient trees, poisonous thorn flowers, etc. were all very ferocious.
“The most powerful monsters were all attracted by Leng Mei, and you will take care of the rest.” Wang Xuan looked at Fudao Niu, who was not riding it now.
“The calf is happy to oblige!” Fudao Niu walked elegantly, with chaotic matter flowing in his fur, and fragments of time appearing under his four hooves, as he walked forward through the wonderful scenery of the galaxy.
“How old are you?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Maverick is only over 1,200 years old.” Fudaoniu said, looking humble, but the confidence in his bones still shone through.
“You are so old, you should call yourself Lao Niu from now on.” Wang Xuan said.
/Fudaoniu was stunned, and then felt very uncomfortable. Was he being disliked?
Over the years, it thinks it has made rapid progress. At just over 1,200 years old, it has reached the end of its limit four times, which is amazing!
“Master Kong, how long do you live?” it asked cautiously.
“It’s a little more than your fraction. I’m almost three hundred years old. I lament that time is ruthless and time is not forgiving.” Wang Xuan said calmly.
“Moo!” It wanted to eat grass, and its heart was filled with panic. This is a monster. Normally speaking, almost none of the extraordinary beings who have lived for less than 300 years have become immortals!
It shook its head and charged towards the iron-blooded ancient trees, devil vines, dandelions and other monsters, killing them to cover up its inner shock.
At the same time, it released the yin-yang dog, ten-tailed demon fox, bull demon, etc. among the cave’s rare treasures hanging on its horns, and ordered them to follow and fight.
In the huge city, there was a cry of killing Zhentian. This place was called Baicao City. All the plants went crazy, crying and howling, and ghosts screamed.
Some towering dead trees were rising from the ground, oozing blood, revealing an old face, and the trees were shaking with red blood, and the place was sealed with laws.
There are also pieces of sacred grass rising into the sky, all golden