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. He was very grateful to Kong Xuan, but he really had nothing to repay.

He already knew that Kong Xuan was not dead.
“Say hello to your aunt for me.” Wang Xuan said, looking at the handsome young man in front of him.
Li Xu nodded, his eyes were clear, and gradually revealed a brilliant light. He already knew that Kong Xuan had only broken the limit four times and killed Mu Qingyun he met on the road. This was simply unbelievable.
“Although I’m grateful to you, I’m very curious about how you did it. I want to ask for advice.” Seeing Lie Xin’s joy, he couldn’t help it.
In the True Saint Dojo, he also read the relevant records, and from century to century, few people had such a record. Defeating the True Immortal five times was a qualitative change, and the lower level people could not defeat them at all.
“Go back and find time to overcome the catastrophe. You are not a 5-time limit breaker yet. You will understand later.” Wang Xuan waved his hand.
“Why am I not a 5-time limit breaker? I just have to overcome the tribulation. The holy objects are completely born and have a power as strong as the sea.” Li Xu responded secretly.
/He didn’t want a decisive battle, he was just puzzled and wanted to understand why the 4-time Limit Breaker could defeat the True Immortal in the Forbidden Realm.
In the end, Wang Xuan couldn’t bear his request for discussion and nodded in agreement.
Then, as if he was sleepwalking, Li Xu was taught another lesson. He was still as good as his son being rubbed by an old father, and he was left without temper.
Of course, he also restrained himself from using the sacred object. It was too dangerous and he didn’t want to attack someone who was kind to him in this situation.
“Go back. You are still a four-time limit breaker. Only after you overcome the tribulation and complete the transformation will you make a qualitative leap.” Wang Xuan advised.
Li Xu was a little anxious. Why was he the 4th limit breaker?
“I have 5 layers of Yudao texture!”
“Look, it’s gone, there are only four layers.” As Wang Xuan spoke, he used the “True One Sutra”, and as expected, one layer was temporarily cut off for him, and it was gone.
“I’ve broken the limit several times. Don’t I know it? I’ve only been there four times?” Li Xu was in a state of doubt about life.
People didn’t know what the two said secretly, but they saw that Li Xu was frustrated again, and he walked out in a daze, which made even Yuesheng Lake’s Chao Jueshi extremely worried.
Wang Xuan did not attack him. What he said was true. Li Xu did not survive the catastrophe and did not undergo the so-called qualitative change at all. This was false.
In addition, Li Xu didn’t use the sacred object, so he was lacking another level of strength.
Soon, Li Xu’s eyes shone brightly, he cheered up again, entered the depths of the wilderness, and began to cause the catastrophe!
On that day, thunder and lightning exploded, carrying chaotic energy, and kept hitting the ground. The scene was extremely terrifying, making the people in the Tattoo