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re in hell and our hearts are in the demon court!” the bull demon shouted quickly.

“Fairy Leng, you are doing laundry, do you want our help?” Yin Yang Dog asked directly, not knowing whether he was really upright or fake.
“No need!” Leng Mei’s black hair dropped, she knelt down and continued to wash clothes by the lake. She really couldn’t blame a few people, she herself appeared next to Kong Xuan.
/“A saint washes her clothes with her own hands. This has never happened before. It’s so outrageous. What happened?”
/Several demon immortals secretly communicated spiritually, feeling unbelievable. The sky of demon students seemed to have been overturned. They knew that Leng Mei’s status was unimaginable.
It is said that the True Sage of the Demon Clan has always treated her like a strict father, and is suspected of raising her as his own daughter. Many people even suspect that this is the daughter of the True Sage of the Demon Clan, and they have not made it public in order to protect her.
“It’s okay. True Saints don’t dare to go to hell easily. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe Kong Xuan will become my Demon Court’s son-in-law. Looking at the posture, it is entirely possible. Fairy Leng Mei is actually washing his clothes with her own hands. !”
“I heard that being the son-in-law of our Demon Court will be very difficult, not to mention having to go through eighty-one catastrophes. However, this has nothing to do with us.”
The five fairies communicated secretly, becoming more and more energetic as they talked, and they talked with great interest.
“You five, can you please stop ‘plotting’ in front of me?” With Wang Xuan’s current powerful perception, he can completely intercept the voices of his and their souls.
The spiritual voice of the five demons suddenly stopped.
By the lake, Leng Mei, who had an extremely beautiful figure and could hardly find any flaws, turned around suddenly. It was obvious that her spiritual realm was also particularly strong. She also heard the interception. She used physical means to cool down. After meditation, her face was still slightly flushed, and she fiercely He glared at the five demons.
“You guys really don’t know how to chat, so stay away from here.” Wang Xuan took them into the blessed land cave, then shook his hands and threw them away. The cave’s rare treasures flew across the sky and fell to the distant mountains. The Fudao cow was gnawing on the fairy grass, and the cave treasure was accurately hung on one of the cow’s horns.
Soon, Wang Xuan put on clean battle clothes, and brand-new boots with Taoist charm flowing under his feet.
Even the strange thing on the mobile phone lamented that it was the only time in recent centuries for a close disciple of the True Sage of the Demon Court to pick up the clothes with his own hands. The old monster was the most protective of the calf.
“You’d better be careful and don’t let the True Saint of Demon Court know about it.” It reminded secretly.
Wang Xuan said: “Really? Then hurry up and do more. Leng Mei, go cook a pot