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relationship. , has always been on my side, so this time he will help me even if he offends his son-in-law, trying every means to find a young master with a prestigious reputation who is qualified to go to hell.”

Wang Xuan was really surprised. Hell was so extraordinary that even disciples from other places had to go there and paid great attention to it.
Behind An Jingqi and Ling Qingxuan is the True Saint Dojo. They both want to go there. Now the descendants of Yaotian Palace also say they want to go there.
What kind of situation is this? Do all disciples in this world have to have such an experience? Wang Xuan realized that when he went to hell, he would most likely gain a lot of insights.
He was wondering whether there would be a bloody collision between the disciples of the True Saint Dojo, right?
/“My opponent will even secretly unite with outsiders to encircle and suppress me.” Chang Qing sighed. Although he hasn’t left yet, the bloody smell of hell is already filling the air.
According to what he said, if the disciples of the True Saint Dojo who had a grudge against each other encountered each other in hell, they would probably fight there until all of them were dead before the fight ended.
Wang Xuan did not express his position and denied that he was Sun Wukong, but Chang Qing had temporarily regarded him as Sun Wukong.
Gao Yuanwai is back. He is very kind. He can indeed become a super peer at any time. He has been cultivating for more than three thousand years and was once famous in the realm of true immortals.
Wang Xuan did not immediately retreat because of his return, and felt calm.
Gao Yuan, whose nickname is Gao Hong, said: “Of course I want to support Chang Qing. He and Zhong Cheng have known each other for many years and have a good relationship. Chang Ming is different. He even approached Zhong Cheng in private and wanted to search his soul. There’s no respect at all.”
“You also searched me.” Zhong Cheng said.
“That’s because I had no idea before I got married, and I didn’t mean to harm you.” Gao Hong said.
The core high-level executive of Yaotian Palace, the Taoist companion of the True Saint, the female stranger had already issued an edict and a sealing order, and no one else was allowed to explore the secrets of ancient and modern times.
In fact, not many people knew about it, and Chang Ming didn’t know where he learned that Zhong Cheng had secrets, and wanted to find out several times.
In the end, it was the senior official who pulled out the tiger skin of the female stranger that made him retreat in displeasure.
“Oh, it seems that Sun Wukong showed up and went to Gao Hong’s Zhuangzi?” In a palace in Liuhua City, a young man was reported to be Chang Ming.
The reason why he and Chang Qing fought fiercely was not only because of their grudges when they were young, but also because they were assigned to adjacent planets, very close to each other, which made their competition even more intense.
Recently, he came to Lingxiu Star, which is located in Liuhua City, for some matters.