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dig this thing, and when the time comes, they should focus on Jiang Qingyao.

He has a good impression of Chongxiao Palace. This is something that is on their territory. In the end, it cannot be taken away and it falls into their hands, which is acceptable.
“Stop talking, eat first!” Jiang Qingyao pulled Wang Xuan and flew directly to the huge lotus. The golden glow was like the waves rising and falling, extremely rich.
As soon as they got close, both of them felt the strong original power and the rhythm of the rules of heaven and earth. This was indeed an incredible sacred object.
The mobile phone wonder said: “This thing can replenish the origin. Practicing under the Zhangliu Golden Lotus every day can even help people achieve enlightenment. However, don’t rely on it all day long for practice, otherwise, it will form a serious dependence. In the future, it will be easy Lose your own way.”
/Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi were both alert.
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “Normally speaking, when you are in trouble with your own enlightenment, you can use it to find a way out. If you rely on it all the way, you will easily lose track.”
Sword Fairy’s expression was more solemn than ever before. She knew that this was mainly to tell her and remind the people in the True Saint Dojo.
Kuji Ridge is a long-established True Saint Dojo with a long heritage and has existed for more than a century. It is obvious that the hidden secrets are known, so there is no one here on weekdays.
When there is a real need to meditate on the supreme scriptures and attack the most important realms, there will definitely be important people sitting cross-legged here.
“Someone is coming.” The mobile phone strange object informed.
An extraordinary person has entered the alien magic circle and is coming here to approach the pool where the Chaos Golden Lotus is.
“It’s a strange person. He probably wants to come here to sit in confinement.” Yangsheng Lu said.
Wang Xuan’s expression changed slightly. A stranger came here. Who knows how long he will be in seclusion. He immediately asked: “If I dig him out immediately, is it too late?”
“The problem is not that big. He doesn’t need to use any special means, just destroy the Chaos Golden Lotus.” said the health furnace.
After all, this miracle of creation is not only rooted in the pond, but also related to the Taoist charm of this world. If the stranger destroys it arbitrarily, it may be very troublesome.
Wang Xuan said: “How about I take the initiative to alert the snake? Let him not understand the situation and retreat, and you can use this to quickly collect the Chaos Golden Lotus.”
“How did you scare him away?” The health furnace wanted to collect the Chaos Golden Lotus to make sure it was safe, so it was not possible to launch an offensive at the same time.
“Wait a minute!” Wang Xuan took out the causal fishing rod and threw the hook directly.
At the beginning, the old aliens from the Gibbon Ape Clan were caught off guard and had a handful of monkey hair taken away. The old alien from the B