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are indeed very powerful, but compared with the outsiders who dare to investigate this matter, they are definitely not on the same order of magnitude.

Although the leaders of the foreign visitors are also true immortals, everyone knows that behind them, there must be a very terrifying behemoth.
“Fellow Taoist, we can give you the forbidden first chapter. However, it is difficult for us to agree to refine this world and return it to the state of fragmented decrees. Where will the hundreds of millions of creatures living here go?” This is the Immortality Sect. A true immortal is speaking.
He stood outside the Immortality Sect and did not allow outsiders to enter the mountain gate this time.
Behind him, the immortal energy is steaming, and the majestic mountains are surrounded by fairy mist, and the fairy family mansions are located on the tops of the mountains.
An old man from outside the territory said: “We can take a step back, only trace the words on the decree, and only extract some of its original power. This place will not collapse. At most, it will be the result of the earth dragon turning over, and there will be an earthquake.”
The Immortality Sect is located at the intersection of earth veins, and its mythological factors are particularly rich. In the mountain gate, there are not only the majestic Great Mountain, but also a huge lake dotted with islands, as well as the colorful sacred sand mines.
“The earth dragon turned over, but there was still a lot of movement. The city was cracked, and the houses fell down. Ordinary people would suffer a lot of casualties.” The True Immortal of the Immortality Sect mentioned the consequences of the situation, and he was still trying to dissuade these people.
“So, if you want to stop it, then we can only ask for help from the old man in charge of this matter, and his true body will come to preside over it.” A middle-aged man with jet black hair spoke, his eyes as deep as the stars. .
He himself is a true immortal who is stranded in this world, and the immortal material is permeating the air. You can imagine what level of beings the old-timer he speaks of is.
While he was talking, he took out a golden conch. This object immediately gave people a strong sense of oppression, making even the real immortals tremble with fear and feel extremely uneasy.
The faces of the people of the Immortality Sect changed. The extraordinary being who could bestow such a magic conch was absolutely terrifying and was simply not something they could deal with.
/“Mu Chuan, it doesn’t have to be like this. This large cave is filled with outstanding people. It is a rare and extraordinary pure land. There should not be too much blood of innocent people.” An old man with an immortal spirit said, named Huo Meng. The roots were snow-white and crystal clear, with a detached appearance, blocking the black-haired True Immortal Muchuan who was holding a magic conch.
/“Thank you for your understanding, fellow Taoist.” The Immortal Cult member immediately handed over his hand and expressed his gra