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he rules of the universe before the acquired creatures have begun to appear, we don’t have to worry about them doing anything outrageous. move!”

The two of them talked more and more speculatively, leaving Xu Ying aside. When Master Taiyi came to his senses, he apologized to Xu Ying and said with a smile: “I ignored you in a moment of excitement.”
/Xu Ying didn’t take it seriously and said: “I am satisfied to see you cheer up again. Teacher, I am here to say goodbye to you. I am going to the unknown depths of chaos. Whether I will see you again in the future is not yet known.”
When Taiyi heard this, he couldn’t help but be moved, and asked him where he was going this time, and Xu agreed: “Tao Alliance.”
The two masters and apprentices wandered around the new building world, admiring the Taoist scenery here and observing the majesty of the universe. Taiyi had been busy with the construction of the new building world during this period, and it was rare for him to calm down.
When he heard that Xu Ying was leaving, he couldn’t help but feel a little reluctant to leave. After a moment, he said: “Dao Meng is indeed a place where seekers go, but Dao Meng may not be your target place. Back then, Luo Taizong was expelled from the other side. , go to the Dao League, and when encountering disaster on the other side, take the initiative to come back to fight the disaster. Dao Zun also went to the Dao League, but later returned to his homeland. If the Dao League is the final destination of the monks, how can they return? ”
In the distance, a galaxy is forming, pouring into a sea of ??stars.
Xu Ying seemed to be admiring the magnificence of the building world, but also seemed to be in a daze, saying: “I also know that it is difficult to leave my homeland, but since I left the Dao League, I have decided not to come back, so as not to bring danger to the three realms.”
He told the story of how he explored the fate of the Three Realms, only to find that the Three Realms only had a lifespan of a few thousand years and were destroyed by himself and the big clock.
“If I come back, I’m afraid it will bring disaster to the three realms, so I simply exiled myself and Master Zhong. Maybe the three realms can avoid disaster.”
Xu Ying was stunned.
Tai Dao Master continued: “Cen Xi also said that we monks are chickens who study the Dao of the universe. We regard the cosmic phenomena we see as Dao and the unbreakable truth of the universe. However, we Dao masters are actually just a group of chicken Dao masters. . However, I think that with Cen Xi’s vision and knowledge, it is impossible to say such words. It should be said by Dao Zun. He is just retelling Dao Zun’s story. But the words are not wrong. Xu Ying, the future you observed, Maybe it’s just a chicken that saw food falling from the sky and didn’t observe all the facts. Maybe it’s just a possibility in the future.”
Xu Ying’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile: “I always gain something from talking to the teacher. Hehe, Chicken Taoist Master, it’s such an appropriate me