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g it. It was only when it was caught up that it was forced to fight and erupted in red clouds.

“Hey, there’s something weird. The Royal Dao Spear is chasing the Great Scarlet Heavenly Sword all the way, and the Great Scarlet Heavenly Sword also has its own rhythm. Is it chasing a giant ship?”
Of course, what they saw were scenes with severe lag. The prohibited items were only captured when they flew over certain nodes in the starry sky.
Most of the time, the two treasures cross the void, and sometimes they travel through the vortex of time and space, making it difficult to track. Only by stopping the battle can they be seen from a distance.
In the outside world, many people in the camp are confused. Guns smash knives, and knives slash ships. What kind of chaotic relationship is there?
Only some people on the dark web within the Fallen were talking about it and felt it was scary. They knew whose car it was and what it had to do with it.
“Two senior figures in our industry, Zhuokong and Dragon Hunter, are being chased by the Great Red Heavenly Sword. Is this a change of scenery?!”
Zhuokong and Dragon Hunter’s relatives, friends and disciples are all terrified. No. 63, this cold reaper, doesn’t follow the rules and wants to kill his collaborators?
The giant ship in front decomposed into eight ships and rushed in different directions. As a result, Daoguang spotted one of them and chased it all the way.
“It’s chasing us. It seems that Tomb and we were never the same person. In the past, it was just a need-based cooperation!” Zhuokong sighed.
/The dragon hunter said: “Old friend, it seems we can’t leave. I’m going to disintegrate the divine core, hoping that we can communicate with each other in the dark and reunite the spiritual power elsewhere.”
Zhuokong shook his head and said: “I guess not. That is the Great Red Sky Sword, one of the top banned items. It can directly extract the scattered spiritual energy.”
The dragon hunter’s face was ashen and he said: “So, you are destined to be harvested by the tomb? I am not willing to give it to him, and I absolutely cannot give him the divine core that I have worked hard for all my life, even if it is blown up, burned into dust, and my body and soul will be destroyed from now on!” ”
“Take care, old friend, and wish you good luck!” Zhuokong sighed, patted his shoulder, and then sat there and took a sip of tea.
“What do you mean? You are still drinking tea, but you are relaxing before death?” The dragon hunter was surprised. This old friend had a really good attitude.
Zhuokong put down his teacup and said, “Just die. This is a natural divine body I cultivated, with 30% of my divine core power.”
“Me!” The dragon hunter’s mentality exploded. The old friend in front of him was not his main body, but just an extremely important divine body? This made his eyes darken. In the end, was he the most upright among the four fallen ones? Waiting to die in a desperate situation.
/With their status as giants, they usually have restrained mental powers. It is impossible for them t