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tear the void, but Zixiao Hedao Sword chased after him and still fell down.

The health furnace was avoided again. At the same time, Wang Xuan and Sword Fairy both put on animal skin books and protected their bodies with the God-killing flag. In addition, Wang Xuan took out the Book of Years that he had obtained in the Immortal Land, containing more than twenty pages. , stuck on the two of them as talismans.
The Zixiao Hedao sword dimmed and fell to the ground.
In the health-preserving furnace, Wang Xuan and Sword Fairy were covered in blood. Even though the treasure was protected, this slight shock still caused their bodies to suffer heavy injuries and almost turned into meat paste.
They finally managed to hold on, and the Book of Time, the Old Testament carrier of the previous mythical civilization, also played a role, shining brightly at the critical moment and covering them.
/Wang Xuan had some broken bones and dozens of wounds on his body. The Sword Fairy was also very embarrassed and turned into a Blood Fairy. Fortunately, the problem was not too serious.
In the distance, the man’s black robe had long since turned into ashes, and hundreds of cracks appeared in his soul, about to explode. He was immobilized by Wang Xuan with a health furnace.
“What a danger, he was almost destroyed physically and mentally, but he was finally restrained by me!” Wang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, and at the critical moment, he was prevented from collapse.
In an instant, the furnace lid opened, and the Sword Fairy took the Zixiao Hedao Sword into her hand. Although the corners of her mouth were bleeding, she smiled extremely happily and brilliantly.
At the same time, he took the beheading flag into his hand.
Sea and Sky Wonderland has a vast internal area, but now it is decayed. The entire small world is withering, all kinds of spiritual trees are wilting, withered leaves are everywhere, and sacred flowers are withered.
When the light comes back, the last light of the small world shines through, illuminating everything. The whole world is about to shatter. There are blood drops in the sky, and the secret realm seems to be alive.
“What a pity!” Wang Xuan regretted, feeling sorry for it. This small world had just come to an end and was disintegrating.
He controlled the health furnace to turn into a stream of light and rushed out quickly. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous as the space here collapsed.
In the blue sea, the health furnace was crystal clear. Wang Xuan and Sword Fairy left it and looked back into the distance. First, there was a light blooming in that area, then it collapsed, shrank, and finally quickly returned to calm.
I thought there was going to be a terrible explosion, that the sea would be evaporated dry, and tsunamis would hit the sky. I never thought that even its death would be so ordinary and short-lived.
/Jiang Qingyao sighed softly: “If the immortal world dies and is extinguished, it will only happen in an instant. Extraordinary people may be able to detect abnormalities, but ordina