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re blinded!

As soon as Taoist Tongtian succeeded in attacking, he stopped asking Chaoyun and went straight to kill Taoist Chongming.
The person who confronted Chongming Daozu was Master Zhong. Most of Master Zhong’s methods were inherited from Xu Ying, and the other half were practiced hard by himself and sacrificed for Xu Ying, and finally became the most precious treasure of Yuanshi.
Unlike the Yuanshi treasures such as the Linggu Bridge and the Chaos Bell, which cannot exert their full power, its cultivation level has also reached the Yuanshi, and it can be said to be easy to sacrifice to itself, and its power is extremely powerful.
Chongming Daozu fought with it, evenly matched, and was secretly shocked. However, he still had some strength left. He saw Taoist Tongtian severely injuring Patriarch Jing Ling and Chao Yun Tianzun, coming towards him. He immediately struck out with all his strength, forcing the big bell to retreat and fled away.
Taoist Tongtian looked at Patriarch Xuanmian and Taoist Lingshuang. They were facing two Hunyuan Taoist ancestors, Nan Kongyuan and Qin Luan. They also saw the opportunity and escaped.
The Chaos Bell, the Big Bell, and the Linggu Bridge were freed up, and they immediately went to support the masters of the Three Realms and the Yi League to encircle and suppress the Dao League.
With the defeat of Changsun Shenghai, the good situation fell apart in just a few moments!
“Tongtian, why don’t you kill me?” Changsun Shenghai’s voice came.
Taoist Tongtian ignored him and allowed him to shout, but never took action.
Taiyi Tianzun said: “I will kill him.”
Zuo Lian smiled and said: “Changsun Shenghai is also my disciple. I’ll go meet him.”
Taiyi Tianzun said: “If you can’t kill him, you can let me do it for you.”
Zuo Lian left with a smile, but not long after, he found Changsun Shenghai. He saw this young man who had always been well-dressed and well-groomed. He was now in a mess, with disheveled clothes, a loose shawl, and blood stains everywhere on his body.
Zuo Lian said: “Disciple, do you still remember being a master?”
/Changsun Shenghai glanced at him and sneered: “You are here to kill me? You are just the end of the road, you can’t kill me! Call Tongtian!”
Zuo Lian shook his head and said: “Holy Sea, you have relatives, friends, wives and children in the spiritual world. I also have relatives, friends, wives and children in the spiritual world. They are just more than you, not less than you. Why don’t I hate the Chaos Sea as much as you do? Why? Aren’t you as heartbroken as you?”
Changsun Shenghai sneered: “That’s because you didn’t see through the Sea of ??Chaos and you compromised with it! Zuo Lian, you are too cowardly!”
Zuo Lian shook his head and said: “This is not cowardice. But I know that birth, old age, illness and death are the consequences of life. I know that they chose to fight against fate and death for their relatives and friends and for all living beings. They did not want to live and died heroically. I respect their choice. , so I remember them an