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“Dazhong is the senior who gave me guidance!”
Xu Ying turned around and saw the big bell lying on the ground, with its nose facing his butt and its mouth outward, like a big trumpet.
He turned around, and the big clock followed him and turned half a circle, always behind his buttocks.
This may be the big clock’s way of protecting itself. Now that it is in a state of unconsciousness, it has always locked onto Xu Ying’s figure and will not leave!
“That is to say, if I run away now, this big bell will follow me with its clanging gongs and drums.” Xu Ying blinked, feeling a little desperate. How could he run away?
/“Cough cough cough” Suddenly, a coughing sound came from behind the temple.
Xu Ying turned around and saw that the giant that Zhou Hang had transformed into was a bloody mess. He stood up slowly while holding on to the wall, coughing up blood and staring at himself.
The old man’s body was ferocious, and most of it was destroyed by the vibration of the bell. However, the Niwan Secret Treasure contained endless vitality, making his body immortal!
However, the sound of the bell also hurt his soul, which was closely connected to his body, leaving him confused and losing 70% to 80% of his strength.
But even if he loses 70% to 80%, he is still enough to control Xu Ying’s life and death!
“You actually have a magic weapon to protect your body. I was careless.”
Zhou Yihang’s body shook, and pieces of flesh and blood fell down piece by piece, but new flesh and blood was formed on his body, and then the new flesh and blood cracked and fell off again.
The severity of his injuries was beyond Xu Ying’s imagination!
But the Zhou family’s secret cultivation method of Niwan was really magical, and even though he was injured like this, he was still not dead.
Zhou Yihang stared at the big clock behind Xu Ying and said in surprise: “This magic weapon can block a full blow from me and the City God, so it’s not bad. Its power has been exhausted at this moment and it has become useless. It can no longer protect you.”
He glanced past Xu Ying and looked at the City God, only to see the huge body of the City God Xue Ling’s head smashed into the wall of a house, and his body was pressed under the willow tree, not knowing whether to live or die.
“Hehe, it turns out that I am still stronger than the City God.”
Zhou Yihang staggered towards Xu Ying, with flesh and blood peeling off his bones. He had a strange look in his eyes, stretched out his hand to grab Xu Ying, and said with a smile, “Xu Ying, you will be the reason for the rise of my Zhou family. treasure”
Before he finished speaking, Xu Ying turned around suddenly. When Yihang heard the clanging sound, it was too late.
Behind Xu Ying’s butt, the big clock that fell down and was as tall as a person, whizzed towards Xu Ying the moment he turned around, and hit him hard with a clanging sound!
Zhou Yihang was crushed by the big clock and swept away!
The other person was in mid-air, still confused in his head: “What happened?”
He smashed through the