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longer dared to let him go. We entered Shangqing Cave Abyss to practice. After the Great Migration, the Immortal Realm destroyed the ancestral court, and the Shangqing Taoist Sect also experienced a catastrophe, leaving only our lineage. Why does Fellow Taoist Xu have this question?”

Xu Ying said: “Besides you, there should be one person who survived. This person used the Huang Ting Sutra to create the Huang Ting Ancestral Method among the Six Secret Ancestral Methods. I observed the Ancestral Method and the Huang Ting Sutra and found that only by cultivating the Huang Ting Sutra to my level can I create the Huang Ting Ancestral Method. Therefore, this person must be an important figure in the Shangqing Taoist Sect back then!”
Taoist Yuan hesitated for a moment and said: “Maybe the young master knows some stories, but he doesn’t remember his past life. His memory has been covered by reincarnation. When the master entrusted him to me before his death, he said that the young master is extremely old, maybe sixty years old.” The disciples of the Shangqing Dynasty who lived thousands of years ago, somehow only their souls are left.”
At this time, the voice of Taoist Yuqing came: “After the Taoist cry, there were indeed several extraordinary Shangqing disciples. Unfortunately, after my death, I don’t know their movements. Yunhai, come here, I will help you open your past life memory, See if you know their whereabouts.”
The young man Yunhai hesitated for a moment, but then walked over, somewhat reluctantly. Taoist Yuqing saw this and asked, “You don’t want to open the memory of your past life?”
The young man Yun Hai said: “When I open the memory of my past life, I will become the person I was in my previous life, and the person I am in this life will die.”
Taoist Yuqing said: “Who told you?”
The young Yunhai glanced at Xu Ying.
After hearing this, the young Yunhai felt relieved and glared at Xu Ying fiercely.
Ever since Xu Ying scared him and awakened the memory of his previous life, he might become a small part of his previous life. He was worried about gain and loss. Even if Yuan Taoist’s Taoist sound sticks, he could not completely free himself from this fear.
/Taoist Yuqing smiled and said, “I never said that, fellow Taoist, please don’t make false accusations against good people.”
Xu panicked: “That’s what you just said!”
Taoist Yuqing said: “What I just said was not to you, but to another Taoist friend in your body. In the future, when this fellow Taoist wakes up, he will trouble me and blame me for what I said. I almost killed him, isn’t that the cause and effect I created? So there are some things I can’t say. Even if I say them, I can’t admit them.”
Xu Ying’s hair stood on end and he hurriedly asked, “Where will I be after he wakes up?”
Taoist Yuqing did not answer, and concentrated on helping young Yun Hai unlock his past life memories. After a while, he discovered that Yun Hai’s past life memories not only contained the mystery of the womb, but also had a strange immortal seal, which suppressed his