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almed down and sneered: “A native chicken and a dog. Taiyi, do you think that by using you as bait to lure me here, I really fell into your ambush? How do you know? Didn’t I ambush you?”

Taoist Ba Ling Qixian suddenly raised his hand, and a round stone hammer that was countless times larger than the chariot fell from the sky. With a thud, it smashed the chariot into powder!
However, when the stone hammer reached three feet above Taoist Luo’s head, it could no longer fall. Taoist Luo was seen sitting on a green lotus platform, with the green lotus swaying slightly and auras of light overflowing, holding up the stone hammer.
Master Luo looked around and said with a smile: “Fellow Taoists, you were defeated by me back then, and you are still defeated by me today. Even if you join forces, you will still be defeated by me.”
“not necessarily.”
The white-clothed woman, Saint King Xuannv, said softly, “Fellow Daoist Luo defeated them one by one back then, but today we come together hand in hand.”
King Ling Yanming sneered: “Back then, Fellow Daoist Luo, Fellow Daoist Hua, and Fellow Daoist Lin also used tricks to make us fight among ourselves so that they could defeat us one by one. Today we are united as one, maybe the tide will turn, and today Fellow Daoist will be buried in this.”
Master Luo said calmly: “You have been dead for so long, but I have practiced hundreds of millions of years more than you. You don’t know the huge gap, right? What’s more, I have jurisdiction over thousands of universes, and the avenues of these universes have already been I have understood it thoroughly. If you want to go against me, you are really asking for your own death.”
His aura suddenly bloomed, and all the souls of the other side of the universe were immediately mobilized by him to bless his body!
At this moment, Master Luo’s aura was extremely profound, as if the souls of countless creatures from ancient times to the present had gathered on him, making his soul extremely powerful. Even the most majestic ancient god could not compete with him!
The next moment, the scene of a thousand universes appeared behind Dao Master Luo. There were thousands of universes under his jurisdiction on the other side, and the souls of these universes were all mobilized by him!
The souls of Tian Chengzi, King Ling Yanming and others were shaken, and their souls almost flew out of their souls and were controlled by Dao Master Luo!
The current Dao Master Luo is really terrible. Even though they are the masters of the Dao, they feel an invincible sense of frustration when facing Dao Master Luo!
Taiyi Dao Lord suddenly said: “Brother Dao Luo also possesses many innate spiritual treasures. The innate spiritual treasures of the universe are divided among Hua, Luo and Lin. With these spiritual treasures, Brother Luo Dao is naturally invincible.”
Taoist Master Luo smiled and said softly: “Taiyi, you are a beautiful woman, how can you be a thief?”
/Lord Taiyi Dao said: “It’s a pity that we invited that existence this time to restrain you.”
Luo Daozhu