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ven if he is just an immortal, it still makes all Taoist masters feel a strong sense of discomfort, as if they will be torn apart if they confront him!

Xu Ying couldn’t help but be surprised and delighted. This Nirvana Fire Spear was a complete innate spiritual treasure, and it was infected with the Nirvana Heavenly Fire due to the Nirvana of the Imperial Realm. It was more powerful than other innate spiritual treasures!
/The moment he took it in his hand, he secretly regretted agreeing to give this treasure to Changsun Shenghai.
This spiritual treasure is too much to his liking.
“The Avenue of Nirvana is indeed domineering!”
Gong Jiexuan praised repeatedly and said with a smile, “Fellow Taoist Xu, there have been many misunderstandings in the past, please forgive me. Fellow Taoist, the avenue of Nirvana is extremely dangerous and may be controlled by Nirvana at any time. If you feel unwell, my father will It can help fellow Taoists clear up their doubts.”
Xu Ying thanked him and said: “Although this Nirvana Fire Spear is good, my cultivation level is not high. It’s just a magic weapon with Nirvana Fire. I’m afraid it’s still not enough to deal with Luo Taizong. It’s best to get another one.”
He looked at Dao Master Lin, who shook his head and said: “Innate spiritual treasures with annihilating heavenly fire are rare, and I only have this one.”
Xu Ying looked at Dao Master Luo with expectant eyes.
Taoist Master Luo said apologetically: “Fellow Taoist Xu, I don’t have any here either.”
Xu Ying looked at Master Hua, who pretended not to see him.
/Xu Ying coughed and said, “Brother Hua Dao, you should put righteousness first, why should you care about a mere spiritual treasure?”
Master Hua snorted and took out an emerald-green lamp. The flame core of the lamp was a ball of celestial fire of annihilation. He said, “This lamp is called the blue sky of annihilation. It contains the avenue of annihilation. Return it to me after you have used it.”
Xu Ying took it carefully and looked at it carefully, but he saw that the Nirvana Sky Fire of the Nirvana Blue Sky Lamp was different from the Nirvana Sky Fire of the Nirvana Fire Spear.
In this lamp flame, it seems that there is a complete universe that is dying!
Xu Ying’s heart was pounding: “It contains the Great Way of Nirvana, it’s really a treasure! Old thief Hua must have sacrificed my precious lantern thousands of times. I don’t know if washing it in the Sea of ??Chaos can wash away the old thief’s mark.” ?”
Gong Jiexuan smiled and said, “Congratulations to fellow Taoist Xu for winning two treasures.”
“I lent it to him.”
Master Hua coughed and said, “Little girl, don’t rush to win over the rebels from the Three Realms. First, tell me how to find Luo Taizong.”
Gong Jiexuan smiled and said: “My Taoist brother Jiangning in the heaven realm has already achieved the enlightenment of cause and effect and became the Taoist master. As the primordial spirit of the universe, Luo Taizong is responsible for the great road of heaven and earth on the other side. He is a