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ss behind them, trying to escape. to other universes.

As long as he seizes his body and is reborn, he can make a comeback!
However, the golden wheel of cause and effect behind Xu Ying’s head suddenly turned into a killing sword, and the sword energy also penetrated the abyss of the immortals of the gods and demons, and followed their souls.
Lord Nie Xuandao couldn’t bear it any longer. He shouted loudly and rushed towards Xu Ying. At the moment when the two of them were fighting, Lord Nie Xuandao suddenly divided his body into two parts, one left and one right. He turned into a god and a demon and rushed towards Xu Ying. Attack!
Behind Xu Ying’s head, the killing sword suddenly fell. Xu Ying held the sword in his hand, the sword light poured out, and the killing sword suddenly started.
Daojun Nie Xuan’s offensive is indeed fierce, but in the face of the killing sword, he feels that even the path of gods and demons will be killed under the killing blow, and people will die!
The sword rays flickered vertically and horizontally, and Xu Ying’s figure could not be seen, only pieces of snowflake-like sword rays could be seen. These immortals not only attacked Nie Xuan, but also attacked other immortals from the gods and demons. In the blink of an eye, one by one the immortals fell under the sword and became dead souls!
Nie Xuandao Lord, the gods and demons merged into one, and he was suddenly struck by a sword. He felt that his own path had been cut off, as if a part of it had been cut off. He couldn’t help but panic and confused his Taoist mind!
His mind was in a state of confusion, and he turned into ashes even faster.
As for the others, their Taoist hearts were even more chaotic than his. Dao ashes were flying around their bodies like billowing smoke, and they could not escape Xu Ying’s killing sword!
Around Nie Xuan, figures fell one after another. They were immortals from the Gods and Demons Sect. At this moment, they were struck by swords and died tragically. Their bodies and souls exploded one after another, turning into billowing ash and flying away!
Nie Xuan secretly regretted in his heart: “Why is Master so eager to conquer the Three Realms and wants me to be the vanguard of the God and Demon Sect!”
Suddenly, Xu Ying swiped his sword across Nie Xuan’s head, then sheathed his sword and turned around and walked towards the eucalyptus tree.
Lord Nie Xuandao couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he saw that his back was turned to him. He immediately shouted loudly and struck Xu Ying in the back.
Just when his energy and blood were circulating, suddenly the Tianling Cap and his scalp flew up together, and the Great Path of Gods and Demons in his body broke, shattering into pieces in an instant!
Naie _ His contact was lost.
His soul suddenly shook slightly, then shattered into countless tiny cubes.
/In the corner of his vision, Xu Ying swung his sword and cut off the eucalyptus tree.
The towering tree fell into the sea of ??chaos and was swallowed up by the energy of chaos.
Behind Xu Ying, Daojun Nie Xu