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to interfere with Xuanyin Division’s business.

Lu Bei asked the Xuanyin Division again if they had any need for elixirs, and got a look from Hu San. The secret agent’s most taboo identity was under suspicion. He kept a low profile in his daily travels. He didn’t do anything if he couldn’t do it. He distributed elixirs in batches. Was it too slow to expose him? ?
This is indeed the truth. The Xuanyin Division and the Huangji Sect are two completely different organizations. The former belongs to the army and is only responsible to the emperor. It usually targets court officials when apprehending important criminals. It is completely different from the Huangji Sect’s overall management of the major sects.
Lu Bei felt a pain in his chest when he heard this. After rounding up, he felt the pain of losing 50 billion experience points.
Seeing the look of death on his second brother’s face, Hu San rolled his eyes several times, telling Lu Bei not to worry.
Isn’t it just to earn some kickbacks? It’s all on him.
Hu San patted his chest and said that he was promoted to Ziwei and was a big figure in Ningzhou. The Ningzhou branch of Xuanyin Division has an old man who has been familiar with him for many years. In addition, he and Xuanwei, who is in charge of military intelligence in Wuzhou, are friends for many years. It is not a big problem to obtain the elixir supply for the Xuanyin Division military camp in Ningzhou. .
No matter which world you are in, making money depends on your connections.
Lu Bei realized something and his spiritual level improved. Because he was the beneficiary, he did not criticize this materialistic world.
Farewell to Hu San, Lu Bei calculated the days and asked the Zhu Family Trading Company to send a message to Zhu Kui. He must come in person next time for elixir settlement. There is a business to be decided. It is not yet known how much elixir raw materials will be consumed every month. Remember to do it in advance. Preparation.
Two days later, Lu Bei sent Zhao Shiran away and came to the kitchen to teach She Zhang how to handle the ingredients.
When a master leads an apprentice, there will inevitably be delays.
For example, right now, Lu Bei was standing behind She Zhang, with his hands in front of him, holding She Zhang’s hands, and his chest pressed tightly against her back. She Zhang didn’t take it seriously. He was used to seeing Lu Bei fail to give him a chance, so he didn’t think the latter was deliberately taking advantage.
Besides, the bigger advantages have been taken advantage of, so where is this now?
“Master, someone is looking for me outside, saying he is the steward of the Huangji Sect.”
“Steward of Huangji Sect?!”
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows and let go of the catkins in his hand, letting She Yan practice chopping vegetables without using magic.
There was no hot stove behind her, so She Zhang responded in a small voice. After Lu Bei left, she patted her chest and let out a long sigh of relief, and then cooked the ingredients easily.
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