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hat you asked for leave.”

“Whether it is for leave or for any reason, it is natural to delay training and be punished by standing in military posture. Military training is not a child’s play, everyone must obey orders.” Liu Chang’an said calmly, “You go, don’t disturb me from standing in military posture.”
Qin Yanan smiled. In fact, she had always been worried about others provoking Liu Changan, but she almost forgot that he was not only her great-grandfather’s eldest brother, but also his comrade-in-arms. Naturally, he was the same as those who were arrogant and could not bear any grievance or control. Unlike students like Dai, he can take time off to make hot sauce, but now that he is here, he will take it seriously.
She herself was too cautious and always felt that she should take good care of him. In fact, how could a person like him care about such a thing?
She remembered that Liu Changan always liked to reason in the past. He would probably be reasonable as long as something made sense.
/Qin Yanan walked around, looked at the situation, and left.
Chen Cicheng watched Qin Yanan and Liu Changan talking, thinking that Qin Yanan had said hello specially, and it would be a shame to have Liu Changan stand there for too long, so he asked Liu Changan to return to the team.
Qin Yanan’s arrival caused some commotion. After all, the instructors were all young men about the same age as Qin Yanan. They were full of blood. A stunning figure like Qin Yanan would always attract attention. Not to mention the instructors, there were also many students in other classes. The few who turned their heads to look around couldn’t help but envy the counselor in the next class for being so moving.
Today we are doing basic platoon training, including standing in a military posture, standing at attention, squatting, standing up, walking forward, etc. For example, in some academies with a large number of people, military training is conducted in platoon units, while in biology colleges, it is conducted in class square formations. .
After training for a while, there is a break, but it is not a break, but a traditional project of “singing songs”. The instructors may not be born with good voices, but they have been trained in the army to sing military songs and red songs, and they may not have much skill or momentum. But it is incomparable to many lingering and sad singers.
/I usually listen to many popular songs and think nothing of it, but the impact when these soldiers sing military songs and red songs with loud voices makes people think of the feeling of a red sun tearing through the clouds, the sunshine shining down, and all the ghosts and monsters disappearing into thin air. .
Many songs, especially those in the ancient music circle, are written with strong emotions and a sad and far-sighted feeling, but when sung by those voices, it always smells like a capon crowing.
After singing for a while, training for a while, and finally taking a break, the girls drank water and ran to the bathroom together.
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