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Holding hands, so loving.

An Nuan had heard that when some couples first started living together, the girl would lead her boyfriend around the room all day long.
“Hehehehe” Thinking about that scene, she was very ashamed. An Nuan smiled and woke up. She shrank down and lay motionless in his arms. She just felt that such a morning was too beautiful.
/No wonder so many people want to live together and get married after falling in love.
This was not his own home. Only then did An Nuan remember that the reason why she got up so early was to leave as soon as possible.
She quickly sat up straight, but she didn’t know that Liu Changan stretched out his hand again, hugged her slender waist, and directly hugged her to his body.
“I’m leaving. I’ll go out and have breakfast and come back to you.” An Nuan stroked Liu Changan’s cheek and said softly.
“Do a set of radio gymnastics and then go, one two three four, five six seven eight, two two three four, five six seven eight”
An Nuan left Liu Changan’s house with her hands in her pockets, trying to walk in front of Baolong Center and have breakfast in the alley.
Her footsteps paused, and Shangguan Dandan was actually sitting on the stone pier at the street entrance early in the morning, drinking water leisurely and looking forward to the pedestrians passing by to take away her flyers.
There are very few people on the road, and with this method of distributing flyers, An Nuan probably won’t be able to distribute them all in one day.
It’s just that now is not the time to pay attention to this issue. An Nuan’s cheeks are warm and she regrets doing radio gymnastics with Liu Changan.
Did Shangguan Dandan get up and leave home before the broadcast gymnastics time, or did he leave when the broadcast gymnastics was in full swing upstairs?
An Nuan couldn’t be sure, and it was not convenient to test it. Even if the other party’s return to youth showed some childish behavior, the adult’s palace should still be there, and it was not something she, a nineteen-year-old girl, could test.
“Hi, Dandan.” An Nuan still mustered up the courage to walk over, so he wouldn’t go around in a big circle to avoid her.
“Morning, Nuan Nuan, have you had breakfast?” Shangguan Dandan finished drinking the water, put the thermos on his lap, and sat upright. When working, you must sit with a posture, not like sitting on an electric heating table. He shrank forward and only exposed his head.
“No, I was planning to buy some, and then have breakfast with Liu Changan.” An Nuan said with a smile, “You haven’t eaten yet, have you?”
“I plan to work first and eat rice noodles when the rice noodle shop opens. This way I don’t have to spend money.” The Queen Mother will naturally live a smart life and spend money to buy breakfast outside. She should do it as little as possible and not be frugal. .
At the same time, Shangguan Dandan also discovered why Annuan couldn’t beat Annuan?
Look at this person, he doesn’t even draft a lie, his face looks as usual and he is smiling. If Bai Hui was in this si