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tures like you.” Liu Changan looked as usual, picked up Shangguan Dandan’s thermos and took a sip of this, what is this!

Shangguan Dandan took the opportunity to raise the bottom of the pot and drink him. Liu Changan struggled, grabbed the thermos bottle and wanted to drink her too. Little did he know that Shangguan Dandan didn’t resist like him at all. He opened his mouth wide and let him drink, like a bottomless pit. .
Forget it, such a woman couldn’t be fed at all, so Liu Changan gave up after feeding her for a while.
Liu Changan felt that Shangguan Dandan was a bit promiscuous, and her various abilities were incompatible with ordinary urban life.
Normal people drink water from a cup with a capacity of two to three hundred milliliters, but she uses a five-liter thermos.
When a normal person eats, she takes one bite and swallows it. She fills her mouth first and then swallows it slowly.
/After a normal person dies and returns to nature, she lies in a coffin and wanders around, covering millions of square kilometers of land, and finally finds Liu Changan, the only person she is familiar with.
Logically speaking, her small coffin is Tesla’s ancient civilization survival capsule, but Liu Changan feels that this small coffin is much more mysterious than Tesla’s.
Maybe he just didn’t know enough. Anyway, Liu Changan had a history of seizing Shangguan Dandan’s pony carriage. Shangguan Dandan was very wary of Liu Changan approaching the coffin and wouldn’t let him play with it.
Tesla said that there are only two such survival capsules. One was photographed under the Antarctic ice cap by Liu Changan accompanying Tesla, and the other was Shangguan Dandan’s.
If there are really only two, then what was that thing that looked very similar to a life-support capsule in the architectural structural drawings in Qin Minglin’s hand last time?
Could it be that one and Tesla’s, these two are the survival capsules left by ancient civilizations, and the small coffin in Shangguan Dandan’s hand is something else.
It is very possible that Liu Changan always felt that this small coffin looked like some kind of object from the world of immortals. It was probably that some war broke out in another world of immortals. The immortal cultivators overcame the tribulation, passed through the cracks in space, or fell to it when they ascended. this world.
Maybe Shangguan Dandan is a cultivator from another world. When she came to this world, she only had the little coffin to accompany her. At the same time, she also lost her memory. She only accepted her identity as Shangguan Dandan, and stubbornly believed that Liu Changan was her moth. .
It’s just that Liu Changan immediately discovered that his way of thinking was becoming more and more divorced from reality, and he was imaginative and deviated from materialist dialectics in order to pursue logical rationality. Isn’t this following Zhu Juntang’s path?
It was too dangerous. Liu Changan reflected once today and examined himself. He quickly stopped his random thoughts and picked up t