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Li Hongfang waved the two clay pots in his hand.

Li Hongfang witnessed the water monkey being wiped out easily, so she didn’t think the alien beast could be that powerful. To be honest, it was Rasputin who had brought more psychological shadow to her at that time.
Rasputin and the strange beast in front of him are both existences that are beyond the understanding of ordinary people, but the strange beast in front of him is definitely far inferior to Rasputin. Li Hongfang is eager to give it a try, and even wants to fight Zhu Ni and try on the combat suit. strength.
Of course, if she was the only one facing Zhu Yan, she would not act rashly. After all, she had no idea of ??the opponent’s strength. But the sect leader was here, and as the sect leader’s lackey, wasn’t it natural for him to take advantage of the situation?
Liu Changan is moody, but Li Hongfang has discovered that he can protect his shortcomings. Even if Li Hongfang is ready to provoke the water monkey, she really can’t defeat Zhu Xi, and Liu Changan will definitely take action.
Zhu Ni glanced at Li Hongfang, exuding the smell of seductive flesh. It was clear that the most powerful weapon was her body, but it came to provoke Zhu Ni. Naturally, it didn’t take her seriously and killed her. He didn’t just sit back and watch the human next to him. Secondly, women have been very disgusting since ancient times and he didn’t want to touch her.
“If my strongest strength is shown, this city will be destroyed. I will show you a palm technique that falls from the sky.” Liu Changan thought for a while and said.
Zhu Yan doesn’t have that much face. If he wants to show super strength, only Tesla equipped with the Eternal Cabinet can do it.
He was willing to perform, and he also had the intention to really shock Zhu Ni. The suppression of Zhu Ni just now only made Zhu Ni feel that he was invincible, but he had not completely shocked Zhu Ni.
It didn’t even pee, so how could it be said that it was completely frightened? When Lu Si’en saw Liu Changan, he would often urinate excitedly.
It’s also possible that Lu Si’en’s ability to urinate has more to do with Lu Si’en being a female dog, and Zhu Xi’an is a male after all.
/Li Hongfang thought of the palm technique used to kill the Fire Cloud Evil God in the movie “Fire Cloud Evil God”, and estimated that the power of the sect leader was definitely no less than that move.
/Zhu Yan’s face was expressionless. After so many years, his mother was still so disgusting that he had no interest in sucking her. From the moment he saw her “master”, this mother was exuding… The smell of spring.
“The real name of my palm is Goose Palm. It was created to commemorate the saintess of the sect who could accurately recite “Ode to the Goose”: Bai Mao Lake Deer Water, with the horizontal palm moving the clear waves. The legend of the sacred deer appearing in the lake, The mist is thick on the turquoise water, and the scene of swans and deer haunting the lake and the dense forest is full of fairyland and seclusion. The word horizont