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before.” Zhu Juntang hooked her fingers. A bread man had already given her a portable telescope. This is what Zhu Juntang usually uses when watching some theater programs or indoors. It is used for stadium sports events. As for large-scale outdoor sports events, it is another telescope.

“It seems that you absorbed my blood energy last time, and Shangguan Dandan’s coffin adjustment is not without benefit to you.” Liu Changan analyzed that ordinary people’s eyesight cannot get better for no reason, basically just because they play every day Cell phone eye damage.
“Then have you ever used your super vision to peek at a girl taking a shower?” Zhu Juntang was using a telescope to focus on Bai Hui’s chest when he suddenly thought of this question.
“This has been a common thing for thousands of years.” Liu Changan nodded, “It’s not really a peek. Sometimes I just glance at it.”
“When will I be able to talk about the shameless things I have done with a calm face like you?” Zhu Juntang said enviously.
“Are you shameless? You have raised many male dogs, right? You often look at them. What can you see?” Liu Changan waved his hand. Everyone was at different levels, with different visions and mentality. He remembered that he had talked to Qin Yanan about similar issues. , Qin Yanan was so angry that he wanted to borrow a dog from Zhongqing to bite Liu Changan.
“I can see their smooth fur, and their fur is their clothes.” Zhu Juntang said softly, refusing to admit that she had seen something hanging from the belly of a male dog when he walked.
“The performance has begun.” Liu Changan interrupted his chatter with Zhu Juntang.
In fact, from the moment the man in black who accompanied Bai Hui appeared on the stage, the audience was already on fire. Many people held up their mobile phones to take pictures of such a strong and man-obsessed house dance performance.
Some people are excited.
Someone laughed.
Someone’s eyes were shining with a strange light.
Some people think this is material.
Some people are clamoring to make the original protagonist the protagonist and the original protagonist become the background.
As the music played, the neat movements of the man in black suddenly made him look a little handsome.
With a tall and strong figure, even if his dancing is not very good, as long as his movements are neat, he still has a visual effect that makes people want to applaud.
/With a smile on her face, Bai Hui glanced at Liu Changan, who didn’t show any other expression. After feeling relieved, his expression became more natural, and he danced more confidently. He began to slow down his movements, letting his rhythm match that of the people in black. Become more harmonious, even if it means sacrificing your own dance feeling.
“Anisi was led astray by them!”
“Hahaha, when Huisi moved just now, he stepped on the wrong spot with them. I’ve seen the video of this dance on her website, and it’s obviously teaching video level accuracy!”
/“It’s like this again, they danced so neatly even if they made mistakes, forcing Ani