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tongue to breastfeed?”

“Don’t use it, why are you asking?” Zhou Shuling looked at the little girl in front of her with a little embarrassment.
“I won’t tell you.” Shangguan walked away calmly.
Zhou Shuling is baffled, but it is understandable. Little girls are always very curious about how to become adults or mothers. Sometimes they think they are mothers wearing high heels and lipstick.
“Do you need to use your tongue to breastfeed?”
Zhou Dongdong raised his head and glanced at Sister Egg, holding a crab shell and looking at her expectantly.
/Shangguan Dandan didn’t want to be a general, so he still shook his head and refused.
“Do I need to use my tongue when sucking milk?” Shangguan Dandan continued to ask.
Zhou Dongdong heard it this time and thought for a moment, “I’m not a kid who needs to be fed. I’ve grown up.”
“I’m not going to breastfeed you, I’m just asking.” Shangguan Dandan is very patient. Zhou Dongdong, like Liu Changan, is really difficult to communicate. He always either doesn’t answer or answers that have nothing to do with the question. .
“What are you asking?”
Shangguan Dandan repeated the question.
“It needs to be used!” Zhou Dongdong licked his fingers and recalled, “Of course it needs to be used! I have to lick everything I eat with my tongue.”
Shangguan Dandan nodded.
“Sister Egg, why are you asking this question? You don’t have milk for others to eat.” Zhou Dongdong asked curiously, “Do you have a baby? Did Brother Chang’an give birth to you?”
“I am his mother! He is my baby!” Shangguan Dandan whispered shyly. This is not a secret, because he has already discussed this issue with Zhou Dongdong.
“Oh, brother Chang’an wants to feed you.” Zhou Dongdong figured it out. It turns out that Sister Egg keeps asking this question because she doesn’t know how to feed brother Chang’an. But brother Chang’an is an adult and can do it just like Zhou Dongdong. If you eat three bowls of rice, you are a very powerful adult.
There are very powerful people here, such as Brother Changan and Sister Dandan, who are as good at eating as Zhou Dongdong.
Although my mother doesn’t eat much at the table, if there are any leftover dishes or food, she will eat them all. She is also a very powerful adult.
For example, the kindergarten teacher in the past was not very good at all. Every time he ate as little as other children, he asked Zhou Dongdong to help him eat, otherwise he would not be able to finish it.
Shangguan Dandan walked away with his cheeks flushed. The man was really strange. Zhou Dongdong knew that only babies were like that.
Liu Changan was still sitting in front of the TV and watching the program attentively. The TV was showing a documentary about Rasputin. It was said to be a documentary, but in fact it was mainly based on gossip. After all, the rightful owner had passed away for a long time, and few people paid attention to the truth. , their interest is only in either mythologizing him or demonizing him.
The producers responsible for providing content also understand the psychology