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hen what are you talking about?” Liu Changan said nonchalantly. This matter has already been concluded. Who is responsible and whose fault is clear to those who know about it.

“Let me tell you, you see, in the past, in a wealthy family, the master had a romantic affair and accidentally made the eldest daughter’s belly bigger. At this time, the virtuous lady would come forward, carefully comfort the eldest daughter, and reprimand her together. This master’s behavior, saying that it is not easy for a woman, promising some benefits, and coaxing her to give birth to and raise the child well first, without that master’s presence, she would not feel that her face was damaged, and she was even a little proud, because that lady , but she didn’t even give me a cent to give birth to the master.” Su Nanxiu clapped her hands, walking briskly, as lively as a real girl, “As a woman, it’s all about face. In front of me, she has enough face to agree. It’s okay to use suppositories because I’m not even qualified to use suppositories.”
“I’m going to class. Goodbye.” Liu Changan glanced at this “Madam”. Su Nanxiu and Shangguan Dandan should have a good relationship, right? Shangguan Dandan likes to think of himself as his mother, and Su Nanxiu wants to think of herself as his wife. Can you two play the game of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fighting by yourselves? Just don’t come to him.
“I’m going to class too, on the way.” Su Nanxiu was still walking beside Liu Changan.
/Liu Changan didn’t say anything, but just looked at the bleak sycamore trees on the roadside. None of the leaves had fallen. There were still some withered and yellow leaves that were reluctant to leave, hanging stubbornly on the branches, hoping to survive this season.
Su Nanxiu is also in the School of Biology, but she is not in the same class as Liu Changan. In fact, they have always taken major classes together, but she has never attended the class.
Even among her classmates, few knew that there was such a classmate in their class, and they did not think that the rumored fourteen-year-old genius girl admitted to Hunan University this year was her classmate.
Su Nanxiu followed Liu Changan into the classroom and attracted some attention. After all, he was an unfamiliar face.
It’s been so long since school started, so I already know almost all the students in the same class and the next class in the same major in the department, and there are basically no new faces that I have no impression of at all.
Su Nanxiu is such a new face, but she is too beautiful. Everyone’s attention is not on whether she is their classmate, but on the fact that she is following Liu Changan.
Do girls really like “academic” type boys? Liu Changan, who had successfully established a reputation since the beginning of school, was like a magnet, and all the amazingly beautiful girls came to him one by one.
Liu Changan still sat in the last row.
Qin Zhiqiang and the other three also walked into the classroom shortly afterwards. When they saw a beautiful girl they had never