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grinned, “Did you see that Eunuch Ning calls himself brother? How blind are you?”

grinned, “Did you see that Eunuch Ning calls himself brother? How blind are you?”
Huang Hao’s whole body shook uncontrollably. This was not because of the cold – Although the weather was indeed very cold, he was really frightened by Ning Zhiyuan’s claim.
Eunuch Ning has grown extremely powerful since he came under Jin Shang’s eyes. If others dare to be disrespectful in addressing him, he will definitely give them a big embarrassment.
He pondered for a long time before slowly asking, “Do we need Li Qingming to submit a letter as soon as possible?”
There was once an old eunuch who accidentally called him Brother Ning, but he had his legs broken. “How dare you, an old man, to be my brother?”
/Anyway, now everyone calls Ning Zhiyuan, and they all call him Eunuch Ning. , those who are closer to him are called Ning Gong and Ning Weng, and calling him Ning Yuma requires considerable courage.
For such a person who cared about names, he actually called himself his brother to a young man. Of course, Huang Hao knew what a hard stone he had kicked.
The next moment, he finally made up his mind and made a decision. He spoke tremblingly, “Eunuch Ao, I am willing to sacrifice all my family wealth and just die, and please spare my family.” ”
These words are not true . Has anyone told you?” Oscar squinted at him, then sneered, “You want to die? I’m not afraid to tell you clearly, now you want to die, it’s not up to you!” ”
Oh,” Huang Hao’s eyes were slack and soft. The ground was leaning against the iron cage, like a puddle of mud.
If he could start all over again, he would definitely enshrine Li Yongsheng like an ancestor.
/But there is no regret medicine in this world.
Ning Zhiyuan held Li Yongsheng’s arm and walked more than twenty feet before speaking softly, “How is Li Qingming’s injury?”
“I don’t know,” Li Yongsheng shook his head, “I I haven’t seen him since I came back. If I take good care of him, he should be almost recovered by now.”
Ning Yuma continued to walk forward, his steps were huge, one step could take two steps away from others, and Li Yongsheng had to speed up his pace. , to be able to keep up with him.
After walking out for another ten feet and out of the small courtyard, Ning Zhiyuan asked again, “Xiao Li, how do you think I treat you?”
“I’m pretty good,” Li Changsheng replied with a smile, “But it seems like it should be Right?”
I saved your life, so you can’t retaliate with kindness, right?
Ning Zhiyuan looked at him angrily, “I know you saved my life. Isn’t it a doctor’s duty to save lives and heal the wounded? I sent Qingqi to save you all night, shouldn’t this be my duty?”
Li Yongsheng laughed. , “I’m mainly worried that Eunuch Ning has brought up some troublesome things for me.”
As for Ning Yuma sending Yulin guards to rescue people, it also involves Yuma Jian’s face. He didn’t say it, everyone You are a smart person, there is no need to worry about such trivial matters.
“I knew I couldn’t hide it from you,” Ning Zhiyuan smiled, then lowered his voice and spoke, “How lo