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you if you have the talent!”

you if you have the talent!”
Seeing Li Yongsheng take a step forward with a sullen face, Xiaoxianrou turned around and ran, shouting as he ran, “Anyway She thinks we are from the ugly class and you are like this?”
/Even though he is fat, he is really not slow when running.
“Don’t run!” Li Yongsheng shouted. He was currently on duty in the bookstore and could not leave his post, so he had to shout, “If you have the guts, don’t go back to the dormitory after school!”
Li’s force is well deserved in dormitory 303. The first, even if he doesn’t use the ability of the Wind Watcher.
“Hey, I told you earlier,” Xiao Xianhou ran out more than ten feet, stopped suddenly, turned around and came back with a smile.
But after all, he didn’t dare to get too close. He stopped three or four feet away from the other party, winking and smiling, “The key is that this method is easy to use, isn’t it? You see, I can help you figure it out in less than a day. .”
“You boy.” Li Yongsheng was really angry and funny, “I knew it. I might as well have charged you ten silver dollars. Forget it, how could you still abuse me?”
“I didn’t abuse you at all, okay? ?” Xiao Xianhou stared, looking aggrieved.
“‘Not much’ waste?” Li Yongsheng narrowed his eyes, “Then it’s still a waste?”
Although he couldn’t see his movements and was blocked by his clothes, everyone could feel that his body was naturally tense. , like a bow with its strings fully drawn, ready to fire.
Of course Xiao Xianhou felt it, so he hurriedly took two steps back and shouted loudly, “Hey, she is actually very happy. I just hope that you have some courage and go to her directly like a man.” If I find her next time, she will think that I am lying and saying that it will make me look ugly!” ”
So that’s it.” Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes, as if he was thinking of something.
“Well, don’t make any mistakes. She doesn’t want you to go to her.” Xiao Xianhou keenly noticed the change in the other party’s energy. “She has already said that she should focus on cultivation. If you really like it, It is right for her to practice with peace of mind.”
If Li Yongsheng was really a seventeen-year-old boy, he might have been deceived by these words, but he was not.
Focusing on cultivation is just a pretense. The other party did not refuse, nor did he show any intention of alienation, that is, mutual contact was not excluded.
At the very least, we can discuss the content of spiritual practice first – is it not normal for an outsider to seek advice from a person who is inside?
The next moment, he frowned and coughed lightly, “However, I like that weak girl more. Do you have any ulterior motives in asking Qi Yongxin, a bitch?”
/“What are you doing?” Xiao Xianhou was dumbfounded. , Can we not bring such a joke?
The next moment, he was shocked to find that at the corner of the bookstore not far away, a burly girl walked out slowly. She didn’t speak, and just walked over step by step.
“Look, if you like her, you can tell her directly,” Li Yongsheng turned his back to Qi Yo