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imply looking for abuse.

imply looking for abuse.
An inch long is an inch strong, this is the truth of God. At the same time, the sword light is virtual and does not have the inconvenience of a long blade.
Even though he was unwilling to do so, he still flinched when he saw the other party’s unhesitating look.
It was not Captain Zhang’s first day as a police officer. He knew how terrifying those extremely vicious people were. He had also had the experience of escaping from death, more than once.
So he immediately calmed down, decisively distanced himself from the other party, and at the same time said coldly, “Throw away your weapons, and I will give you a fair treatment.”
Li Yongsheng bared his teeth and smiled, his smile full of ridicule. “What you mean by fair treatment is poking my chest with your finger?”
At this moment, Captain Zhang’s drunkenness has long been forgotten in Java, but his face is thicker than ordinary people. He just coughed twice and said, “I just drank I drank some wine and acted a little louder.”
When the onlookers heard this, they couldn’t help showing disdain in their eyes: You are so embarrassed.
At this moment, four more people walked in from the door. The leader was a stout man, a middle-level cultivator wearing a captain’s uniform. Among the other three, there was actually a junior cultivator.
Seeing the stout man, Captain Zhang first said hello, “Sui Tou’er, are you here too?”
Sui Tou’er glanced at him and ignored him, then looked at Li Yongsheng and said in a deep voice, “You are that Bo Ling From the training room?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him without saying a word. After a long time, he grinned and said, “Interesting, are you from the prison room in Rongzhou?” ”
That’s right,” the stout man nodded and spoke calmly, “I am Capt. Sui Liefeng, based on the news received by the arresting room, I now suspect that you are a Suzaku believer. Come with us to the arresting room for questioning.”
Li Yongsheng looked at him strangely, and after a long time he nodded slightly, “Follow us. You go, it’s not impossible. I’ll just ask, do you know who I am?”
“An official of the Yangzheng family in the Boling Correctional Facility,” Sui Liefeng said calmly, “Your surname is Li.”
/“It seems you know. Not enough,” Li Yongsheng said with a half-smile, “My name is Li Yongsheng. I once interned in Bashu County. I wrote “The Orphan of Zhao”. Zhennan Gong also has an impression of me. Are you sure you want to put a shit basin on my head? ”
“Is it Li Yongsheng?” someone exclaimed. It was the cultivator who just laughed at Capt. Zhang. “He is indeed a good person!”
/Another cultivator also snorted coldly, “The people in my education system are not arbitrary. It was smeared by others.”
It turns out that these two people are both from the Bashu Teaching and Transformation House. I just heard that the people who captured the house wanted to arrest the people from the Boling Teaching and Transformation House, and I felt quite dissatisfied – although they worked in Bashu, they were also indoctrinators. sys