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idea what the correct way to deal with it was.

idea what the correct way to deal with it was.
Is King Jing hateful? It’s a shame that those five prefectures are now in a state of anarchy, and even the entire Sanxiang County is unstable. But who can guarantee that they will not be able to achieve great wealth?
In fact, the fact that Li Yongsheng was forcibly invited by Prince Jing’s Mansion was not a big deal at all to the arresting house.
He is not a famous person. Although only those who really know Li Yongsheng know how powerful this guy is, after all, he is not the kind of celebrity who is famous all over the world. Prince Jing’s palace has forced many people to invite him, how much sensation can it cause?
The big thing is: Prince Jing’s Mansion may be connected to Xuannv Palace, which is a big deal.
Since Xuan Nu Gong tried her best to prove herself and Captain Yan personally handled the accountant corruption case, the matter has come to an end here.
He wasn’t even interested in accepting the three spies from Prince Jing’s Mansion – it felt good to accept them now, but if there were consequences in the future, who would be responsible?
/Xuannv Palace is not afraid of King Jing’s revenge if he ascends to the throne, but Capt. Yan is.
So he said tactfully, you shouldn’t tell me about this. Isn’t there someone from the North Korea Security Bureau in Suzaku City?
North Korean Security Bureau? It was now the Xuannv Palace’s turn to be in trouble. They didn’t want to deal with this intelligence agency. It wasn’t because they were afraid. The key was that such contact could easily be seen as intervening in the imperial struggle.
/What should we do with these three spies in our hands?
In the end, the squatter was so reckless that after leaving evidence, he directly threw the three spies into a secret stronghold of the North Korean Security Bureau here – you can do whatever you want with them.
After meeting the three secret spies, the people from the Chaozhou Security Bureau were stunned: “Zhou Cao, there are two of them here, they are the nails we worked so hard to put in. The remaining one also knows his identity and has been paying attention, waiting to fish out the big one.” Where’s the fish?
They really want to cry without tears. Damn, whose hands are so indebted?
On the morning of the third day, Xuannv Palace sent Du Jingjing to report that the identities of the other three people had been identified. The two department cultivators were from Xuannv Palace and Shifang Jungle respectively, and the transformation cultivator was none other than Ding Zhaohui.
The other two disciples involved in this matter were also punished. The one in Shifang Jungle was not easy to deal with in Xuannv Palace. They just wrote a letter and said that this person had bad conduct and was not worthy of a big position.
This guy is really unlucky. He originally wanted to curry favor with the disciples in the palace, but he never thought that he would be evaluated like this. It will be difficult for him to get ahead in the Shifang Jungle in the future.
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