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but I also said that although he is young, he is the number one master of acupuncture in China.” “

but I also said that although he is young, he is the number one master of acupuncture in China.” ”
Absurd!” The young master glared at her fiercely, “Doctors have experience. Do you understand the profession?”
Just before Master Tang could explain, he waved his hand again and spoke loudly, “I have nothing to say to you women. Anyway, remember it. When you go in, you will read more and talk less. I understand. Are you ready?”
The eldest young master led them into the small building, then climbed up the stairs and reached the third floor directly.
The stairs leading to the third floor were guarded by two senior cultivators. After asking the elder and the younger, they raised their hands and let them go. Then a junior cultivator came over and whispered, “Try to make as little noise as possible. ”
After going up to the third floor, there is a spacious hall with a corridor on one side, leading to several rooms, and a door on the other side. It can be seen that there is a balcony behind the door.
Li Yongsheng and the other three stood in a corner of the hall. He asked softly, “Sister Tang, was that the chemical cultivator just now Dean Ye?”
Sister Tang shook her head, her face was quite solemn, “It’s not Dean Ye.”
“It doesn’t look like it to me, either. The young master doesn’t look alike,” Li Yongsheng chuckled.
“Yongsheng, I know I have wronged you. Give Master Aunt a face,” Master Tang’s mouth moved slightly, and she spoke softly, “I’ll go, I didn’t expect such a big battle.” The
battle is really not small, and it maintains order. They are all preliminary cultivation.
At this moment, someone next to him spoke up. It was a middle-aged handsome guy, a newly promoted high-level cultivator. He smiled at Master Tang, “Xiao Tang is here too? Hey, did you invite a military doctor?”
Master Tang The corner of her mouth twitched and she nodded slightly, “Hello, Mr. Liang.”
Even if she had confidence in Li Yongsheng, she would not dare to emphasize it at this time. Without him, Li Yongsheng’s age really made it impossible for others to think highly of him – the doctor really It is an experience-based profession.
Young Master Ye smiled slightly and said, “President Liang is wrong. The young man invited by Director Tang is the number one master in the Middle Kingdom.”
No one present dared to speak loudly and only dared to communicate in a low voice. If the voice is slightly louder, everyone in the entire hall can hear it.
The eyes of the others were all over the place, wanting to see who dared to call himself the number one master.
Even with Li Yongsheng’s courage, he looked a little uncomfortable. What kind of look are these?
Sister Tang was irritated. Even though the other party was Dean Ye’s eldest son, she couldn’t help but retort in a low voice, “Young Master, please respect yourself. I just said that he is the number one acupuncture expert in China. There is no such thing.” He is said to be the best in medical skills.”
/“Okay, I just said two less words,” Mr. Ye said nonchalantly, “It’s the