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Not all seals will work.
Cui Zhi tried his best to activate his energy, but there seemed to be a slight reaction!
Zhou Qian was also stunned for a moment when he saw the reaction of Yuanli on Cui Zhi’s body. The disciples of the temple far away in Starlight City were even more surprised. However, Cui Zhi grinned and almost used up all his strength, but he still couldn’t break free.
Unable to use Yuan Power, it is equivalent to a baby, and the Soul Libra Icon is not invincible. On the contrary, there are many ways to deal with it, such as preventing Zhou Qian from actually producing the icon, or tyrannizing the soul. It is incomparable to Zhou Qian. For example, if the final sealing power cannot seal it, you can wait.
Unfortunately. Cui Zhi couldn’t catch any of so many methods and looked at Zhou Qian as if he wanted to eat him.
The bursting fire talisman was suspended, and Zhou Qian was a little embarrassed, “Well, Brother Cui, it’s better to admit defeat, otherwise I will take action.”
The sealing time is very limited, Zhou Qian naturally does not dare to be careless, and the stronger the opponent’s ability, the shorter the time seems to be.
Looking at the vast exploding fire talismans around him, Cui Zhi felt like he was vomiting blood. Without Yuanli’s defense, he would be blown into pieces and had no choice but to admit defeat.
This is probably the most helpless battle since the beginning of the Battle of the Other Side, and it is comparable to the battle with Purple Dragon.
“Temple Zhou Qiansheng!”
Canghai announced the result. As a well-informed Star Master, he didn’t think it was a fluke. On the contrary, it was ability. Of course, as a member of the Wanling Sect, he was obviously very unhappy, very unhappy.
As soon as the game was over, Zhou Qian smiled and touched the seal, but at this moment Cui Zhi burst out and struck out with a thunderous strike that had been brewing for a long time.
At this time, the fear in his heart was already crazy.
Zhou Qian could only subconsciously defend against the explosion attack so close at hand, but it was already too late.
But the explosive attack disappeared instantly, and there was a middle-aged man between the two.
Ji Guang, leader of the Pure Land Knights.
Ji Guang did not stop blocking Cui Zhi’s attack. He punched out unceremoniously and directly cut into Cui Zhi’s empty door.
Cui Zhi was blasted out without dodge. There was a crisp sound of bones cracking, and the True Mother of All Spirits stood up angrily.
“Ji Guang, you are so brave!”
Ji Guang remained calm, “Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished. True mother, he is so brave!”
Ji Guang is obviously not afraid of the True Mother of All Spirits.
“Ji Guang, he was just impulsive. The punishment is enough. It’s not good to go too far. They are all young people.”
A voice sounded, and Ji Guang could only withdraw his attack.
The one who spoke was the Jidao Immortal. The four powerful men could not ignore others’ face, not to mention the blow just now was enough for Cui Zhi.
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