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g Xian when entering the Central Heaven Realm, but now even Bai Liying was ahead of her.

It’s inevitable to feel a little impatient.
Otherwise, with her state of mind, she would just be so impatient.
Zhang Jian smiled.
“Wait a minute, she seems to have offended a certain immortal god from the Immortal Sect in Beichizhou. If you show kindness to her a few more times, and do this three times, it won’t be too late to get married!”
Zhang Jian didn’t know what Taojun Qingxia was planning.
Since there is such a person with destiny by his side, he naturally has to take good care of him.
It wouldn’t be bad to let Ji recognize two god-sisters.
At this time, he had imposed a Three Saint seal on the fates of Jiuling and Zihua, and other heavenly powers should not be able to see anything in a short time.
It should be impossible to compete with him.
But it is also beneficial and harmless to recognize a godson.
In the Eternal Ice Castle, the years are passing quietly. To many immortals, the five hundred years of spring and autumn are just the flowers blooming five hundred times in the middle of the North Pond.
At this time, in the sky above Beichizhou, magnificent divine lights intertwined and collided, accompanied by bursts of dragon roars that resounded throughout the world.
I saw majestic white dragon shadows piercing the void like swimming sharp blades, turning into torrents and intertwining into the ocean in the void, violently bombarding one of the figures, but still unable to break through the purple-yellow immortals flowing around it. Light.
The purple-yellow fairy light intertwined like a wheel behind a magnificent sacred figure, shaking slightly. In an instant, it was like a large void bursting. The purple-yellow figure suddenly disappeared. When it reappeared, it had already appeared on a dragon god covered with war shadows.
What followed was a series of waterfall-like magnificent fairy lights.
That magnificent fairy light contains the light of multiple laws of heaven and earth.
The sun and yin appear together, creating a scene of a boundless yin and yang world.
There is also the appearance of endless dimensions of time and space taking shape to seal off the void.
There is eternal immortal will emerging from the rays of fairy light. Its texture is extremely tough, and it has a vague upper hand against the countless shadows of soldiers.
At this time, in the distance, several other immortal gods were watching this scene from a distance.
One of them is the Ji family, Yuan Jiang, the Lingwu Immortal Official, and Taoist Gu Ning, the Supervising Immortal Official.
On the other side are two or three dragon gods. They wear dragon horns on their heads, and they have either young faces and bohemian faces, or middle-aged faces with majestic and solemn expressions.
/Today is the day that Taihu Dragon God Ao Gen is released from prison.
After saving his life, Taihu Dragon God Ao Gen stayed in the eternal immortal prison for thousands of years before finally being released from prison.
Next to them were two p