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towns where little monsters gather.

The Lu Wu clan is located in the western border of the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom. Geographically speaking, it is far away from the Demon Emperor City and is not favored by the first generation Demon Emperor.
To the left and right of Demon Emperor City were Gu Diao and Nine-tailed Fox, two die-hard confidants of the first generation Demon Emperor.
/It is understandable that the Lu Wu clan pursues primitive beauty and does not like the secret method of transformation. The body of a beast has a beautiful face, which is contrary to the aesthetics of the first generation Demon Emperor. He was out of sight and out of mind.
The Lu Wu clan likes peace and quiet, and like Phoenix, they don’t like the political affairs of the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, so staying away from the Demon Imperial City is in line with their wishes.
However, the Lu Wu clan, which loves peace and quiet, and pursues primitive beauty, is an absolute martial sect. In recent years, it has often participated in the disputes between the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom and the human kingdom.
Especially after Zhan Ren came to power, the Lu Wu clan responded most actively. In comparison, the Gu Diao and Nine-tailed Fox closest to the Demon Imperial City were somewhat perfunctory.
It’s better to come early than to come late. At this time, the city of King Lu Wu is in a state of panic. Lu Wu Demon King Lu Xi has been having a headache recently. There are constant rumors. He has been written down in the notebook by the second-generation Demon King who is about to ascend to the top. There are a lot of complaints among the clan.
Another thing is quite strange. In the past few days, many tribesmen have disappeared while walking at night. They dug the ground three feet and couldn’t find any clues. They used the star formation to defend the royal city, but the tribe members still disappeared at night.
Lu Cie didn’t know that the Baize clan had infiltrated the city. He only knew that he had offended the Demon Emperor Tai An and incurred the king’s thunderous wrath.
A large number of Luwu clan members were confused by the decision of the clan leader and elders, and did not understand why the Luwu clan had to straighten their backs. The other eight kings were kneeling, so why should they kneel down?
Kneeling to the second-generation Demon Emperor is not considered weak, so there is no need to make yourself uncomfortable at this juncture.
Lu Cui and the three clan elders had their own considerations. Faced with the confusion of the clansmen, they said that it was too dark to be a clown or a grasshopper after autumn, and could only jump for a few days.
After fooling the clan members, Lu Cui and the three clan elders gathered together to discuss what to do.
The situation is not good, their identity as a human undercover may be exposed!
“How about the Demon Palace?”
“Very good, Tai An hasn’t taken any medicine these days.”
“Is this good?”
“Obsessed with beauty, I didn’t leave the room for three whole days.