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terrifying sword light, the Black Lotus Taoist Lord above the sky, a palm-sized black lotus emerged from the depths of his palm. As he chanted silently, the black lotus suddenly disappeared, and then appeared out of thin air again. From the head of the ancestor god of Jiuzhou.

When the black lotus saw the calamity taking root, it immediately moved towards the forehead of the Jiuzhou Ancestral God.
The face of the Nine Provinces Ancestral God changed. He had long heard the legend of this world-destroying black lotus.
This black lotus is a world-destroying sacred object in the ancient mythology of the Tianling Realm. It was once in charge of a very terrifying demon god.
Later, this god was sealed by many ancestors of the Tianling Realm. Black Lotus fell into the hands of Black Lotus Taoist Lord, but it was also extremely weird and difficult to prevent.
Several rays of divine light flew from the depths of his eyebrows.
Among the several divine lights, the eternal divine light and the eternal will flickered. They were all third-level eternal immortal spells of the luck type, or blessings, and second-level eternal immortal spells of the calamity reduction type. Several divine lights appeared suddenly, and suddenly The roots produced by the black lotus penetrated straight through, and the black lotus flew down and merged into the center of his eyebrows.
/As soon as he fell down, he immediately felt that the rolling calamity was subdued, integrated into his Taoist soul, deep in the eternal will, and deceived, suppressing his eternal will, and even the soul of the Taoist soul.
It actually caused the divine light around him to lose control.
At the same time, he noticed that the black lotus appeared and formed a legal realm of its own, cutting off the heavenly path in the void and even the connection between the fate of the Nine Provinces and the divine dynasty.
The expression of the Jiuzhou Ancestral God changed. He wanted to burn the foundation of his soul and defeat the black lotus, but he thought about Zhang Jian’s warning in his mind.
If we continue to use the origin of Dao Lord, it is very likely that it will be difficult to survive again!
But if we don’t work hard at this time, what else can we do?
At this moment, a voice appeared in his ears.
“There is no need for this. Just give your body to me and I will help you!”
This voice suddenly emerged, and the eyes of the Jiuzhou Ancestral God moved. In an instant, he felt a magnificent divine power coming from the depths of the void. A green lotus appeared above his head out of thin air, but in an instant, the innate green lotus created celestial light fell down.
The immortal light created by the innate green lotus fell, and black gas billowed out from the black lotus. The black lotus suddenly became illusory.
Above the Hunting Soul Island, Taoist Black Lotus’ face changed even more. He felt as if his soul was thrown into a pot of oil. A wave of terrifying pain emerged from the depths of his soul, and wisps of green fairy light emerged from it. It came from